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Motivation Concept Paper

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Instinct is defined as "An inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli, a powerful motivation or impulse." (Free Dictionary). The application of Instinct in the modern workplace can and cannot be appropriate to a number of conditions for various reasons. Through history, motivational grand theories that attempted to define a sense of understanding into the complicated environment involving human motivation are regularly insufficient when engaging into the fine points of human behavior. However, these grand theories have established a strong influence and basis for which modern motivational concepts can be ...view middle of the document...

As a result, up to the minute, immediate communications and improved decision-making are effective when dealing with instinctual reactions to conflicts or used for problem solving. The outcome of such improvements, enhancements and application to real time decisions and the underlying motivations involved. Workplace communications and the process of decision making, regardless if they are social connections internally of in the course of, the grand theory of instinct can be considered the source for developing a model of present motivation.The theory of instinct defines that there exists a genetic tendency that guides basic behavior and motivation. Some instincts are raw reactions to surrounding conditions, such as someone instinct for protection in a group of unfriendly people. Another would be a reaction to fear of heights. Others are the basic need for food, clothing and shelter. These reactions can be signs of basic human nature and an individual's motivation. Humans often rely on basic instincts to guide them through the decisions making process. By decreasing the amount of time needed to make a decision, more dependence on instincts is needed.Modern society has developed in a way that oftentimes has individuals at work more hours than they are at home. Motivation then extends to the desire to succeed and improve one's status and position professionally. The inherent dissatisfaction with what one currently possesses drives individuals to work continually to obtain more. This often leads to situations that are more than a basic instinctual reaction, but an intricately, politically charged situation that requires finesse to succeed. An instinctual reaction would be like using a sledgehammer to kill ants.An example of the concept of instinct failing to explain the motivation beneath a modern office environment involves miscommunication as the seed of a conflict. Two employees have exchanged emails regarding a workplace event. A portion of one of the emails was unclear and misinterpreted by the employee on the receiving end of the communication. Upon confrontation of the email message, the sender feels attacked and begins to develop a defensive posture.The instinctual reaction that would indicate the sender's motivation would be to counter attack in order to create and opportunity of for retreat. A modern socially relevant reaction would indicate the motivation of the sender to maintain an appropriate...

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