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Motivation At Work Essay

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Organizational Behaviour

Master of Business Administration in HRM

Background of Organization

World University Service of Canada or WUSC as it is commonly known world wide is a leading Canadian Development Agency, which is a network of individuals and post secondary institutions. The mission of WUSC is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. WUSC operates development projects in the Balkans. Botswana, Burkina, Faso, Ghana, Haiti, Malawi, ...view middle of the document...

(WUSC, n..d.)

Due to t he size and the nature of the project and the impact that it has on t he poverty ridden community in Sri Lanka it is very important to the organization that it’s employees have the ability to accomplish the deliverables assigned to them. For the WUSC staff accomplishing deliverables means effective performance. Therefore the Human Resources Function is extremely important to WUSC – SL as human resources strategies and initiatives such as recruitment, performance appraisals and training and development is essential for the organization to operate at a maximum capacity.

Definition of Problem
The Human Resources (HR) Unit of WUSC – SL comprises of Human Resources Officer, two Senior Administrative Assistants and three Junior Administrative Assistants. The structure of the HR Unit is as follows:

Although the Human Resources Officer reported to the Country Director, he was not a part of the Senior Management Team. The Senior Management Team (SMT) consisted of Country Director (CD), Deputy Director Programs, DDP, Finance Manager (FM), Gender Equity Manager (GEM), and the Deputy Field Directors of Anuradhapura, Vauniya, Badulla and Batticaloa.

The service periods of the team members in the Human Resources Unit is given in Table 01.

Table 01
Designation Period of Service
Human Resources Officer 4 years
Senior Administrative Assistant (HRD) 6 years
Senior Administrative Assistant (Payroll) 4.5 years
Receptionist 2 years
Junior Administrative Assistant (1) 3 years
Junior Administrative Assistant (2) 3.5 years

Despite the long years of service in all members of the Human Resources Unit the SMT was not satisfied with the performance level. Actually they felt that the performance of the Human Resources Team was substandard. This reflects very well in the Performance Evaluations.

WUSC – SL evaluates performance annually using the following key criteria:
1. Achievement of set targets
2. Efficiency
3. Quality of Work
4. Initiative
5. Committement to Gender Equality

These are measured on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is unacceptable performance and 5 is exceptional performance. Then at the end of the evaluation the scores of the above definitions are translated into a scale 1 to 4 where 1 is – Performance is below standard, 2 is Performance is occasionally up to the expected level and requires close supervision. 3 is Performance Occasionally exceeds expectations and 4 is Performance constantly exceeds expectations.

The Performance of the Human Resources Team for the last 3 years were analyzed and the results and the summarized comments are as follows:
# Desgination 2006/2007 2005/2006 2004/2003 Summarized Comments
1 HRO 2 3 2
2 SAA – HRD 3 3 2
3 SAA – Payroll 2 2 2
4 JAA1 3 2 2
5 JAA2 2 3 2
6 Receptionist 3 3 2

As indicated in the table the Performance Evaluations ratings for the last three consecutive years are on average “occasionally at an expected level.”

To improve performance the...

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