Motivation And Teams Case Study

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Motivation and Teams Case Study

It is imperative for companies to motivate employees so they can achieve success for the company they work for and for themselves. According to Introduction to Business, work motivation is the “psychological force within people that arouses their interest, directs their attention, and causes them to persist and work intensely to find a way to achieve their work goals” (Jones, 2007, p. 210). Maslow’s needs hierarchy, expectancy, goal setting, equity, and job-enrichment are five theories that illustrate various sources of employee motivation.
In the first case study, Two Men and a Lot of Trucks, the owner, Mary Ellen Sheets used Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory. This theory specifies why and how people try to satisfy their needs through their behaviors at work. ...view middle of the document...

234). The company’s mission statement, “treat everyone the way you would want your Grandma treated,” further emphasizes her efforts to provide excellent customer service. By providing a service with premium customer care, her needs to feel appreciated and respected were fulfilled, which also illustrates the expectancy theory. The expectancy theory argues that the motivation of employees depends upon whether or not they believe that performing at a high level will lead to the rewards they desire. Sheets’s approach to creating high-performing teams within the company was with rewards and proper training.
In the second case study, Siemens’s New Boss, Klaus Kleinfeld used the expectancy theory to quickly climb up the corporate ladder at Siemens. Kleinfeld found motivation in the fact that performing at a high level will lead to rewards. Throughout the case study, his colleagues noted his drive, enthusiasm, and incredible work ethic, which have “allowed him to explore every corner of the far-flung Siemens empire” (Jones, 2007, p. 236). He once told students at the University of Rhode Island, “working hard earns the right to play hard” (Jones, 2007, p. 236). As the new boss, Kleinfeld was able to negotiate with employee representatives to get work done quicker by working flexible shifts. Work that is finished quicker translates into more money and job security, two things that would motivate employees to follow his instruction. In order to create high-performing teams within the company, Kleinfeld asked detailed questions about the factory and answered e-mails from employee representatives immediately, even late at night. Werner Monius, the chairman of the workers council stated, “he was able to motivate people to pull together” (Jones, 2007, p. 235).

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