Motivation, And How Motivate To Perform In The Workplace

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To find good workers is not that easy, but it’s even harder to stop employee’s turnover. Company must ensure that employees perform tasks, increase productivity and feel the satisfaction of their work. To make this happen companies need to ensure that their employees are motivated.
1.1. Motivation – to encourage people to act, so that they and their company would reach their setup goals and to ensure that all sides will be satisfied. Motivation benefits the company as an employee who is motivated wants to be at work, takes pride in their work, does not have a negative attitude towards the company and is dedicated to work longer hours and takes delight in it. The company, having these ...view middle of the document...

Different personalities might affect what motivates people to participate in the workplace. Creative personalities might see workplace as a place to experiment with new ideas, achieve different solutions. Communicators may be motivated to discuss and debate business decisions. Competitive employees may view the workplace as an arena where they hope to beat out others to demonstrate their ability. Although motivations may reflect a mixture of several work-related goals, playing to people’s strengths can boost motivation and result in better products and services. For example, assigning a competitive type employee the task of developing a campaign to beat out your primary competitor might be successful. Personalities also affect workplace behavior and sometimes might cause disagreements. For example, a person who has a more relaxed approach and is sensitive can find it difficult to work with a person who does things quickly. He might feel rushed and even be angry or hostile. That might cause friction between them and both of them might start feeling that they start interfering with each other’s potential capabilities.
1.4. Demotivated or low motivated employees directly impact an organization’s performance and its stability. For instance if employees are motivated and proactive they are ready to go the extra mile when it’s needed and to do whatever it takes to achieve setup goals, these two things builds an organization’s stability, but if organization’s employees have low motivation it is completely vulnerable to both internal and external challenges its employees are not going the extra mile to maintain the organization’s stability. Lack of motivation equates to less work being accomplished. Productivity does not disappear it’s usually transferred to aspects not related to business needs such as, personal conversation, longer breaks, internet browsing, all these things costs time and money for organizations.
2.1. Frederick Herzberg the Two-factor theory also known as Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory states that there are certain factors in the workplace that cause job satisfaction, while a separate set of factors cause dissatisfaction. Satisfaction and psychological growth is a factor of motivation factors. Dissatisfaction is a result of hygiene factors. Herzberg developed this motivation theory during his investigation of 200 accountants and engineers in the USA.
Hygiene factors – are needed to ensure an employee does not become dissatisfied. They do not lead to higher levels of motivation, but without them there is dissatisfaction.
Motivation factors – are needed in order to motivate an employee into higher performance. These factors results internal generators in employees

Often "salary" and "incentive payments" are spoken about as motivators. While you might agree that without them there may be high levels of demotivation, most don't consider them as effective motivators. They are, as Herzberg says, "hygiene factors".

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