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Motivating Employees In The Organization Essay

1968 words - 8 pages


Prepared for
Professor Dan Riding
Florida Institute of Technology

Prepared by
Student Elzbieta Kociolek
Florida Institute of Technology

February 19, 2012



Understanding the concept of motivation………………………………………………4

Assessing your approach to employee motivation 5

Identifying manager's role in motivation process6

Applying motivational techniques7
Use appropriate methods of reinforcement.7
Provide people with flexibility and choice…………………………………………….8
Encourage employees to set their own goals and objectives………………………8
Have a flexible management ...view middle of the document...

The report outlines several different categories such as understanding the concept of motivation, assessing your approach to employee motivation, identifying manager's role in motivation process and applying motivational techniques in the workplace.

Understanding the concept of motivation
Motivating employees is a challenge in many workplaces, especially since not everyone is motivated by the same factors. The concept of motivation is situational and its level varies between different individuals and at different times. If you understand what motivates people, you have at your command the most powerful tool for dealing with them. The managers or supervisors need to determine what drives people and what makes them motivated. If employees feel they are doing something that is uninteresting, they're not motivated to get the job done to the best of their ability and for the benefit of the company. To motivate others is the most important of management tasks. It comprises the abilities to communicate, to set an example, to challenge, to encourage, obtaining feedback, to involve, to delegate, to develop and train, to inform, to brief and to provide a just reward.

Assessing your approach to employee motivation
What is it that motivates an employee to do their very best? Because all employees are individuals and they have unique personalities, unique features and unique reasons for working, they are motivated by different things. Some employees truly love what they do, others work for personal fulfillment. Some workers love the thrills associated with change, challenge, problems to tackle and deadlines to crush. Others enjoy the camaraderie and interaction with co-workers and clients.
Many employees are motivated by financial gain, opportunities for career growth and advancement, training and development prospects, flexible working conditions or additional paid time off. Others work to accomplish goals and feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves. Whatever their unique reason may be, employees must find some satisfaction in their work or they may become unhappy and unproductive.
So, how do you find out what motivates employees to do their best? Many companies use employee assessments that help them find ways to motivate employees and make them want to live up to their full potential. This provides better results as each employee's reason for working is unique. By using assessments, managers are able to find out what makes employees want to do their very best.

Identifying manager's role in motivation process

The manager's role in motivation process is the key to employee motivation. Manager responsibility in motivating employees is to create the environment that promotes motivation within the individual. Effective managers want their employees to make a maximum effort on the job, so they need to tailor their motivational practices to satisfy the needs and wants of those employees. If a business wants its people...

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