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Mothers, It’s Time To Pray That Your Children Become Graffiti Artists

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Have a bright, clever child who doesn’t seem that interested in becoming a lawyer or a Doctor?
Are they good with their hands but not interested in plumbing?
Are they a whizz on computers but disinterested in an IT career?
Are they political, even secretively, yet hate all the major parties?
Do you sense that they’re searching for something that can’t be found on EBAy?
Does the creative soul in them get turned on by  adventure?
Well Congratulations because you may have given birth to what their generation will sorely need . . .
A Graffiti Artist.
In the 1990s Graffiti was still colour on walls to some, and criminal activity to others, but out of this disagreement an unknown artist, and he is still unknown, emerged. His street name, Bansky.
One of his first famous quotes that he painted on a wall read:
“We ...view middle of the document...

The Music tracks were given titles such as “Why Am I Famous?”, “What Have I Done?” and “What Am I For?”. Several copies of the CD were purchased by the public before stores were able to remove them, some going on to be sold for as much as £750 on online auction websites such as eBay. The cover art depicted Hilton digitally altered to appear topless. Other pictures featured her with her chihuahua Tinkerbell’s head replacing her own, and one of her stepping out of a luxury car, edited to include a group of homeless people, which included the caption “90% of success is just showing up.”
Other pieces have and continue to draw attention for their edgy themes and the boldness of their execution. In Banksy’s version of Monet’s famous series of water lilies paintings, he included drifting trash and debris.

Instead of being removed Bansky art is now protected.
Banksy, now famous the world over, has transformed his artwork from acts of vandalism to sought-after high art pieces.
Journalist, Max Foster has referred to the rising prices of graffiti as street art as “the Banksy effect.”
Interest in Banksy escalated with the release of the 2010 documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. The film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, was nominated for an Academy Award.
Soon his work could be on your T-Shirts.
So starting with nothing but a can of spray paint, he has in just over a decade, become a Brand,  a Movement and perhaps soon, a business empire. . .  And he has accomplished this by discovering and then trying to fill a need. And that need is in our souls.  Therefore, when your child is heading down to Bunnings to apply for a job, why not encourage them to keep walking around the aisles until they reach the paint section. For as we now need Artists like Bansky, the next generation might also need, with the same desperation, your incredible child. 

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