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Mother Vs Father Relationship With Thier Child

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While trying to come to a conclusion about what variable I wanted to study for my naturalistic observation, I thought to myself, “Wow, why am I stressing so hard about what I want to do for research?” This was because, the whole time that I was anxiously scrambling back and forth about which study I wanted to do, there was already one right in front of my eyes the whole time. For the past few months I have been working at a daycare, a place where children are dropped off by their parents when they need to do things on their own and can pick them up whenever is necessary. The daycare that I work at is family ran and takes place inside their very own home. The ...view middle of the document...

But what I do get to see when I arrive to work at 3:30 is who picks up their children (mother or father), when they pick them up, and how the child reacts when being picked up from the daycare.
For a total of one week, Monday through Friday, I took the time to observe the reactions that the mothers and children have versus the fathers and children. I found these results quite astonishing. When the mothers arrived to pick up their son, daughter/s, or son and daughter, I noticed that the children became more enthusiastic and excited as compared to the fathers showing up at the door. Things such as, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! I missed you” and “I’m so happy you’re here” would be screamed from both sons and daughters as they ran over to jump onto their mothers for a giant hug. The kids would instantly drop whatever toys they were playing with as if they were irrelevant and having no importance to their needs anymore. Whereas when the father would arrive to pick them up, I noticed the children to have a much different reaction. They would continue to do what they were doing (whether it be coloring, building Lego’s, or outside playing on the playscape) as if they did not care as much that their father was there to pick them up versus mother. I could tell by some of the looks on their faces that they weren’t nearly excited this time around. Their facial expressions said to me, “Alright cool, dad’s here and it’s time to go home, I’ll be right over after I finish doing what I am doing.” They did not have any urgency to go give their father a hug. Instead they would more likely than not finish what they were doing and then acknowledge that their father was here. They would casually walk over and give their father a hug or stand next to him. It was rare to find a child that would engulf their father the same way as they did to the mother. There were a few instances where this did happen and the child did indeed react the same way to both parents. This occurred with Katie, Brooke, and Trinity (3 out of 16 children, 19%). When their father showed up at the door they would run over and jump on him just as if they did when the mother showed up. Both mother and father would pick up their children and give them each a huge kiss on the cheek and tell them how much they missed them that day. I hypothesized that if the mothers and fathers each give their child an equal amount of affection and nurturance, then the child will not have a separate type of reaction to one another upon seeing them.
While I was observing the interactions that each child had with their parent, I found that the mother was more likely to give their child a kiss when seeing them as opposed to the father. Finding percentages for this category would not be accurate because the amount of times that the mother picked up their child was much greater than the amount of times that the father did (I will get into this later). It is seen in the chart at the end of my observation...

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