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Mother Nature Essay

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Mother Nature
The beginning of all wilderness started with someone who went by many names. Some called her the Woman of the Wild, some the Creator of Elements, but she was more commonly known as Mother Nature. Mother Nature made not only the sea, the sky, and the earth, but all things that lived on it.
She had two daughters. The eldest daughter, Venus, was jealous of her mother’s fame and respect and wanted it for herself. The younger of the two, Ariel, was very timid and not many could say they had ever heard her speak before. It was obvious who was more responsible within the sisters, but it was also obvious which sister people preferred to be in company with. Although they had their differences, Venus and Ariel were close and enjoyed each other’s company, like sisters should. They were also very close to their mother.
Mother Nature loved her daughters for who they were, despite the differences between them. She told her daughters stories of the things she created, how ...view middle of the document...

It was assumed to be the eldest.
In her time of creation she had chosen to keep one of the animals close to her, as another companion. This was her faithful dog that also watched over the sisters and reported back to Mother Nature, as she was often too busy to keep a close eye on them. Ariel loved the dog dearly whereas Venus just barely dealt with its presence.
One morning the girls found their mother in a state of sorrow. She was sick and age had affected her greatly. She knew this time she would not pull through. Venus and Ariel were devastated, and were with their mother every second after they found out the news. Mother Nature was quickly getting worse with each day that passed. She asked for her dog to be well taken care of by her girls as she loved him very much. This was all that she asked of her daughters, and Venus took this as a hint of how she would get her inheritance.
When in front of Mother Nature, Venus would pretend the dog was her very favourite. She would tell her mother she was taking the dog for walks when really she would just keep it outside for long periods of time. She would forget to feed it, to wash it, to care for it at all. Ariel on the other hand, was always fond of animals and she made it a part of her daily routine to care for the dog. She always brought it with her wherever she went, to keep it safe for her mother’s wish.
Mother Nature woke one day and she knew, she could feel, that it would be her last. She brought her girls in and told them the terrible news. Ariel was still, not able to process the tragedy about to happen. Venus brought out her most innocent eyes and asked her mother if she would now pass on her great power. Her mother said she would, but before she acted her eyes slowly closed and her mouth hung open. Venus was furious. She left in a hurry, upset that her mother’s power of creation was now lost forever. She abandoned Ariel and the dog. Ariel on the other hand, went to find the dog. She laid it down beside her mother as she knew it was what she would have wanted.
To Ariel’s surprise, Mother Nature opened her eyes. She told her how she knew one of her daughters would stay loyal to her, and they would be the one to receive the great honor of continuing the creation, as the new Mother Nature. She passed all of her great knowledge on to Ariel, and she then took her last breath.

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