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Most Significant Events Essay

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Does the past provide lessons for the present, or assistance for the future? Does history help us recognize what to do, besides telling us who we are? To learn from the history we need to understand and identify its ultimate myth and ambiguity from the facts and truth so, we can prevent repeating it. Study the past could explain the circumstances in the present, whether the dominance of a political group in Congress, a war in the Middle East, or elevation in suicide rate, we may need to look for the root factors that took place in the past. In this essay we study some of the major social, economic, and political events following World War II from 1950 to 1990.
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But the differences emerged between the Americans and the Soviets when the WWII came to close. The Cold War influenced many internal and external changes in the United States such as many presidential acts from the pressure of Truman’s administration forceful stand against Stalin, or the anti-communist frenzy gave the tool to some politicians to use it against the opposition and accuse them of softness in order to improve their own group. “Abroad, it justified a far wider military and economic role for the United States—not just in Europe but in the Middle East and along the Pacific Rim, from Korea to Indochina. At home it sent politicians searching the land for Communist spies and “subversives,” from the State Department to the movie studios of Hollywood” (The Rise of The Cold War, p. 779).
The containment of the two superpowers toward each other and their power-play caused many changes in foreign policy at both sides. “The Cold War affected everything, from political ideology, foreign and domestic policy, to the presidency and the personal lives of Americans” (Roberto Naranjo).
The 1960s was the time of many great changes and a rising sense of liberty. The United States in 1960s was the era of Civil Rights, War, and Hippies. Economically it was the decade of environmentalism, consumer awareness, and more tolerance toward people with different ways of living (hippie philosophy). Politically once again the lives of the American people were dominated by war (the Vietnam War), when the children from the ‘50s baby boom came of age and drafted into a war. Many objections were staged against the call-up while the Civil Rights movement was steadily gained momentum in 1963 with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famous speech of ‘I Have a Dream’ in Washington D.C. Dr. King led the Civil Rights movement using none-violent means and his exceptional ability of speech and his influence. “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Act of 1965 changed the lives of the African Americans minority by ensuring equal rights for all” (The people’s history).
The Civil Rights Movement was one of the most important historical events of the 1960s’ and the years and decades after that. It established that in the United States the discrimination, segregation and bigotry are no longer tolerated publicly and legally. The movement reshaped the social structure in the U.S. in big degrees, the African Americans could dine in restaurants that used to serve the Whites only, or they could attend college and so on and so forth. People from different races and ethnicity got united and fought for the fair treatment of African Americans. In aid to the Civil Rights Movement many nonprofit sector and charity were created, which mostly handled by volunteers. The Civil Rights Movement had long run effects in many social and political aspects; “it renovated public law and reshaped public opinion, advancing equal opportunity in education, housing,...

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