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Most Significant Events Essay

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Most Significant Events


Bryon W. Neubauer Jr.

University of Phoenix - Axia College


The purpose of this paper is to inform you of the different events over the past five decades that changed the world that we live in today. Some of the events were good and some were bad. The people of the United States have seen and been through numerous of changes and wars. The U.S. has seen presidents come and go that has either helped us or have hurt us in some way or another. In this paper I will try to explain some of those events.

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Before North Korea invaded South Korea the North took their time in planning their evasion on South Korea. Unfortunately, South Korea was outnumbered not only in manpower but firepower as well.

At the time of North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, the United States had military forces stationed in Japan and since the United States did not like North Koreas plans, the U.S. decided to aid South Korea to help avoid the spread of communism into South Korea.

Now with the aid from the United States, South Korea was able to intimidate North Korea. In October of 1950, the U.S. military crossed into North Korea and took over 135,000 prisoners of war this decreased the number of soldiers of the North Korean Army. Around the same time the U.S. was aiding South Korea China began aiding and supplying North Korea with their war needs. The United States tried bombing the supply routes that North Korea was using to receive these supplies from China, in turn causing China to intervene in the war.

After three years of fighting and the loss of many soldiers from all parties involved neither North Korea nor South Korea had won the war and decided to sign a cease fire agreement to bring some peace to both countries. Till this day the Korean War has not officially ended.

John F. Kennedy – 1960’s

In 1960, a senator named John F. Kennedy ran and became the youngest president of the United States. One of the first things President Kennedy did when he go into office was start his new “New Frontier Plan” to get the U.S. economy back on track. President Kennedy’s most successful and memorable program was a program that sent volunteers to other countries when they are in need of some help. This program was called the United States Peace Corps.

When President Kennedy was in office, he accomplished many things. One of these was putting a man on the moon. President Kennedy felt that since the Soviet Union was the first country to put a man in space, that United States would be the first country to put a man on the moon. The “New Frontier” in which President Kennedy spoke of promises to improve education, medical help for the elderly, and the involvement of the government to stop the recession.

With everything that President Kennedy was trying to do to improve the U.S... There was a problem happening in Cuba known as the Cubin missile crisis. The Cubin missile crisis started because the Soviet Union was placing nuclear missiles on Cuba and President Kennedy considered this a threat to the U.S... After meeting with the leader of the Soviet Union at that time President Kennedy agreed to take U.S. missiles out of Turkey, if the Soviet Union would take their missiles out of Cuba. Eventually, both countries agreed to remove their missiles from those countries.

In November of 1963, while on a political trip to Dallas, Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy while riding in a vehicle with his wife and the governor of Texas. Lee Harvey...

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