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Most People Living In The Eastern United States Are Not

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Most people living in the eastern United States are not aware of a great pollution problem confronting the western United States each winter. The problem is the snowmobile. During the winter in the western and northwestern United States, roads are often closed due to inclement winter weather forcing inhabitants to use snowmobiles. Snowmobiles are able to move quickly and effortlessly through snow. Therefore, it is a popular winter transport in this area of the country. Snowmobiling is a popular sport as well throughout Canada and is consistently growing in the northern United States. It also is very popular in the colder regions of Europe. Many environmentalists contend that snowmobiles are ...view middle of the document...

In the March 1999 issue of Occupational Hazards, there is an article titled, "Snowmobiles pollute parks." It reports that besides dumping more than 50,000 gallons of raw gasoline into Yellowstone National Park each winter, snowmobile emissions are making park rangers sick. Fifty thousand gallons of gasoline is quite a large amount. This is Yellowstone National Park we are talking about, a recreational place for activities such as camping, fishing, cross-country skiing and honeymooning, if you like. It is not a place someone would think of as having the highest level of air pollution. In contrast, Yellowstone is traditionally thought of for its lush forests, abundant wildlife, fresh-water streams, and of course, Old Faithful.Earth Island Journal gives statistics concerning snowmobile use at Yellowstone in an article titled, "Yellowsmoke National Park USA." Yellowstone has 1400 snowmobiles in service that are constantly in use during the winter, each of which is powered by noisy, "smoke-belching" two-stroke (cylinder) engines. Carbon dioxide levels have risen to as high as 36 parts-per-million (ppm). The federal limit is 35 ppm, which is outrageously high in the first place. As I previously stated, Yellowstone's gatekeepers and other staff members have complained of "dizziness, headaches, and nausea." The snowmobile rental industry, which grosses thirty million dollars ($30,000,000) per year, opposes any regulation.Organizations throughout Canada, such as Tread Lightly, are conjuring up possible solutions. Alberta Newsmagazine states in a recent report...

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