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Morphological Processes Of The Gay Language: A Case Study

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Estrella, Yuri Belle V. Composition Writing
ABE 3-3 Mr. Rafael Michael O. Paz

Topic: Morphological Analysis of the Gay Lingo: A Case Study


Philippines, being one of the most friendly countries towards homosexuality according to a survey “The Global Divide on Homosexuality” conducted by the US-based Pew Research Center last 2013. Being a country that widely accepts homosexuality, a lot of straight men and women that are homosexuals are loud and out. Although the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders) are now accepted by the Philippine society, they have come a long way of struggle to gain their freedom and rights.
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Background of the Study
Growing up into a society that socially accepts gays and other members of the LGBT, children grow accustomed to the gay language and mostly involve it in their daily lives. The language has become a trend that the society adapts to the changes and new words casually, like how we use newly accepted words in the English language.
Philippine gay language, coming from a carnival of sources, follows a lot of rules set from different sources. It has unique qualities that may be applicable only to the said language or may be defying grammatical rules of the English language. What is more interesting is the processes that the language uses in order to form basic sentences and complex ones. The users of the language also make fun of the language by translating famous Filipino poems and sayings to the gay language.
The freedom of the gay language allows it to be a good subject for a study on the grammatical rules involved with this because the language is free from the dictates of the society. The language’s continuous update on words that also constantly reaches the masses that are exposed to the language. Gay language is also an influence not only to the youth but also to adults.
Gay language is not spoken only by the gays nowadays but also straight men and women. There may be numerous reasons why even though the language is not taught to us, we easily adapt and learn the use of the words. The language is powerful enough to even television shows, radio programs and interviews sometimes use the words from the gay language.
Lots of queer studies have been done abroad. But in the Philippines there are a few studies considering the Philippines has a variety of language involving queer studies but exists as a language, not just texts that imply homosexuality. The language has also been mentioned in international studies but few studies are conducted by the Filipinos.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to describe and determine the processes involved in the formation of the gay language. It also aims to compare the rules of the gay language towards the English basic grammar rules.
The research aims to specifically answer the following questions:
1. What are the rules involved in the formation of the gay language?
2. How do these rules defy the English grammatical rules?
3. Where do the words usually come from?

Significance of the Study
This research study was conducted to determine the various ways the gay language form sentences and words. Learn more about the gay language, the use of words and their origins and what English grammatical rules does it defy or follow. This study aims to benefit the following groups:
* Speakers of the gay language: This study will benefit the speakers by allowing them to learn the basic set rules of the language they speak and provide a formal education on the gay language.
* Language Students and Professionals: This study allows the language students...

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