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Moreover But Three Advertising Essay

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Moreover but three advertising Nowadays, almost every one has one or more TV sits in their homes. Also TV's become important equipment of furniture. Although TV has may has many advantages, I believe that TV is more harmful than its advantages.

The supporters of TV claim that TV has a lot of useful programs like news, documentaries science and children programs. Those programs give the chance to discover new things in this world. That gives the children good knowledge in easy way. Also they pointed that TV could be a good entertainment tool to spend the free time. You can watch comedy programs and play games. Elderly people are included too, they spend hours enjoy watching TV especially they don’t work any more. In addition those in favor of TV believe that TV is very important tool in business world.TV is used ...view middle of the document...

In family events many families sin in front of TV and watching quietly instead of having nice chat with each other or having a picnic together. Also the anti-TV people claimed the TV makes children don’t want to study to watch their favorite programs.
Rather than increasing the educational channels, television are promoting harmful programs such as violence, sexual activities and also drugs. Television promotes harmful programs rather than focusing on education.
Violence is the common activity promoted by television by movies, game shows and also cartoons. Therefore, can cause people to act the same way in which these actors and actresses act in theses shows. Violence is actually informing their audience to portray their behavior towards their families, friends, and also people in authority. Television promotes guns and knives which would then lead up to causing violence.
Sexual activities are also promoted by television through reality shows, movies and also cartoon. A major priority should be the safety of our child watching TV. Most cartoons are based on sexual activities. Most movies at lease must have a seen which contains sexual activities.
Some shows theses days would show u how to seek around police and laws to sell drugs or also to create and use drugs. Would this make the economy better in promoting the creation and also distribution of drugs? Hell no, by showing young teens and children how to do this would be saying that we are as community that we are supporting this unlawful behavior.
In conclusion, television is not only used to entertain and education but to promote all the harmful behavior and activities that would make our economy in danger. Television has become more a harm that good to young teens and children. We should at lease limit or control in what kids’ theses days are watching to enhance their skill in knowing wrong from right and to sure this in their daily lives.

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