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"More Than A Icon". This Essay Explains Marlene Dietrich's Significance As A Movie Star And Her Role In The 1930's

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"Marlene Dietrich"... the name alone makes a statement. However, every legend has a beginning. She was born Marie Magdalene Dietrich, but by the end of WW 1 Dietrich´s first name was shortened to "Marlene". Marlene Dietrich always was much more than simply a "star", more than only an actress or singer - since the beginnings of her amazing career she was an icon, a trendsetter who created style and fashion, and - most important - she lives on as a cultural symbol. A symbol of decadence during the 1930, a symbol of glamour and beauty, a symbol of anti-fascism, a symbol of survival and - a symbol of sexual freedom.Dietrich was both gay and straight, masculine and feminine. She was ...view middle of the document...

An other highlight in this series of gender-bending appearances is the so-called "lesbian night-club scene" from Blonde Venus where Marlene - again dressed like a man, wearing white tails and a top hat - flirts with the chorus girl before she performs the song "I Couldn't Be Annoyed". An other remarkable film scene which shows Dietrich in pants is the final scene from The Scarlet Empress, where she rides to her victory in a white cossack uniform, becoming Catherine the Great, Russia's most powerful woman.Aside from Marlene's legendary movie roles, it is important to mention her as a significant aspect that is captured in the Deitrich aura due to her position in the 1930's fight against Nazi Germany. Being that she was born in Germany, Marlene witnessed Hitler's uprising and was fortunate enough to leave to begin her legacy in Hollywood and later become an American citizen in 1939. After this event, she was constantly labeled a "traitor" by the German press. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Chief, shockingly begged for her to return to her home country, but she continually rejected the offer. Shortly following, all Dietrich memorabilia and films were banned in Germany under Nazi direction. Due to Marlene's German descent however, she always felt guilty for what Hitler did to the world. Therefore, she decided to help to fight against Hitler. Although such involvement's happened...

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