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More Proactive In Promoting No Smoking Essay

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Should we be more proactive in promoting no-smoking?
My sister just quit smoking 9 weeks ago.  She decided to quit for several reasons.  One being it costs a lot of money, two, it is very unhealthy.  That is why for this weeks journal I decided to read, " A Silence That Kills", by Lyndon Haviland, and was published in the American Journal of Public Health. 
Haviland gives many statistics and reasons as to why tobacco and smoking are so bad for you.  Many Americans are dying every day from the effects of tobacco and smoking.  Haviland believes that the government is largly responsible for creating this epidemic, by not creating enough awareness and anti-smoking campaigns.  Haviland argues that the public health community needs to put more thought and concern into the tragedy of tobacco use.  In other words, we as a country must demand comprehensive action.
Haviland states that tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in the ...view middle of the document...

  Tobacco doesn't just target middle class Americans, but the poorest and least educated of America, people who don't have medical insurance to help them when they are sick.  Haviland argues that something must be done to correct this injustice to Americans.  We must fight back.  
There have been changes throughout the years to build a non-tobacco world.  Restaurants, airports, clubs and so forth have banned smoking in their establishments.  People who smoke are now being stigmatized and shunned to smoke outside and in little glass boxes inside the airport.  In order for this to be successful we need to voice our movement and support the evidence for all Americans to see.
 Haviland points out that thegovernment has been a silent partner in responding to this epidemic.  Although they track and document the effects and mortality rates of smoking, they are not actively engaged in finding a solution, or preventing smoking.  Haviland states that the public stance on this subject is the most important, without support the program will fail.  We as the public have let our voices be silenced, and we must speak up.  We must engage in the social inequities of tobacoo use and communicate a sense of urgency to quit.  Haviland states our future depends on it.
Havilands article is stated very well and he brings up a lot of really great points.  I do agree that tobacco will be the leading killer among Americans if we sit idolly by and watch it destroy our countrys health.  Not smoking is the number one way to prevent many illnesses that arise from smoking.  I don't think it's fair that people die from lung cancer and have never smoked in their life, and the cause is second hand smoke.  There are also a few points that Haviland does not bring up.  Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in America, smoking does not cause all of them.  People in America have some of the worst habits in the world, we are lazy, eat horribly and don't get medical attention when we need it.  Who is to say that greasy food and lack of exercise isn't the cause of the majority of heart disease in Americans? 

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