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LAB 3.1

English coffee houses were crucial and essential to the spread of Enlightenment around 1650 and according to (Steven Johnson ) from the video coffee houses like “Grand Café” were at the center of where some great ideas came from. Before those years Drinking water was not safe to drink and most of the population was drunk all day from consumption of too much alcohol. Alcohol was the beverage of choice (Steven Johnson) as they drank beer in the morning, Wine for lunch and beer and wine to end their day. But with the transition to coffee and tea that is from a depressant to a stimulant, great ideas sprung up leading ...view middle of the document...

Network patterns of the outside world mimic ideas of the inside world which would develop to ideas. However, also involve is the world wide web which has a recurrent pattern as well to were as a result of good ideas
Furthermore, with an illustration of Child Mortality rate in the develop world and less develop world whereby in the develop world we have all the incubators that help reduce the Infant mortality rate but is not same in less develop world. An incubator was developed all from vehicle part which are abundant in most parts was readily available in case a repair was necessary which not the case for an incubator from with sophisticated parts. The locally made incubator was an effective way and it help to reduce the rate all emanating for a creative idea. Again, what makes innovative environments innovative? To answer this simple yet profound question Where Good Ideas Come From takes the reader on a fascinating journey through history, visiting innovators in their native habitats, observing how significant innovations occurred and were adopted by society, and drawing parallels with three well-known environments: the coral reef, the city, and the web. A collection of stories supports the thesis that certain environmental characteristics foster innovation, and that these patterns apply at all scales of natural and cultural systems. Throughout...

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