Moral Disengagement And Dehuminization Essay

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Another way in which people can separate there personal ethics and integrity for another person is Bandura’s Model of Moral Disengagement and Dehuminization. Which basically states a) one‘s own perspective on shameful conduct (justifying it morally); b) minimizing the consequences of action to ones self; c) Diffusion of responsibility; and d) In ones mindset dehumanizing the victim. (Zimbardo, p. 8). The guards justified their actions as they were doing a service by making the prisoners follow their regulations and maintain respect for them. They minimized the consequences believing it was necessary to use violence and humiliate the prisoners. The guards diffused the responsibility by ...view middle of the document...

Only if the individual is crazy should they be unaware of their wrongdoings. This traditional view has been extensively accepted and discounts any circumstantial factors that may make people do heinous things. A lack of open mind to a different perspective is the problem, convinced that the individual knows right and wrong no matter what the situation. These men where a victim of their external condition.
An article called Alcohol Expectancies and Intoxicated Aggression; portrayed peoples general consensus on aggression from alcohol use, the results were apparent; bad behavior is not justified because of intoxication. People gave harsher sentences to criminals who committed serious crimes under the influence than those soberly committing the same crime. Another conclusion drawn from the study was people do expect drinking to cause aggressive behavior, but hold the idea more strongly to others than to themselves. Most believe they are not capable of such aggressive acts even if drinking. But certain conditions mixed with pharmacological cognitive adjustment can facilitate bad behavior in an environment. (Quigley & Leonard, 2006, p. 2)
In conclusion the general public tend to attribute individual flaws to immoral acts, and discount the strong role external environment can play....

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