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Moral Course Of Action Essay

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Moral Course of Action
Life is a box of chocolates, there are simple and harder decisions as a human being that we must all make eventually through out life. There is the ethical humanitarian in us that must decide from right or wrong. It’s different for every single human being knowing making a decision based on your culture, believes and so on. In this spefic case presented there can be bias and of course not wrong or right answer since we are all different and think differently.
Based on the ethical theory presented and the moral course of action, the best and foremost reasonable theory applied to this case will be we are all humans no matter the age, gestational stage or any other situation regarding that matter. In this case the way I analyze this it will fall and be utilitarianism that means all the right things are done based on the benefit of the rest of the community. In this case, it might ...view middle of the document...

The chances of these infants been incapable of not functioning are not measured and determined yet since the damages in their brain or any other function will be deliberately develop as they grow older. If the survival rate is greater than any other similar case then there is beneficial possibility to the community/ society that these infants will grow to be professionals, active members of society that can lead to an immaculate potential of human beings in this world. There are immense possibilities that they can benefit from the health society can give them as individuals such as going to school, learning and so on, however, this can only be demonstrated if we allow utilitarianism theory become and take the course of it’s own.
Utilitarianism theory brings many questions to the table, which can avoid having any option or choice to be allowed on this situation. If we analyze the specific and major direction of this theory it can bring more sense to us as human beings since it brings a moral sense of righteous if it brings us / you/ society the happiness as any other actions other people perform. Been such an intense case with such a delicate subject which seems to be more common than ever, how can it not bring happiness or morality to the table if it’s all about keeping those innocent souls alive and well taken care of? The act of saving a human life is a most utilitarian fact; it’s not a consequence but a moral righteous to us as humans.

Many might find the reasoning to think or believe otherwise, however, we all deserve a chance at living, learning, coming to ourselves and bring happiness to others and compelling to society as human beings. In fact there might be a chance when these newborns grow up, they become someone extraordinary to save more lives and bring happiness, courageous and many more to society just by allowing the right act of theory to life. We all make our choices and allow acts to happen as such, however, us humans have a lot of control as how situation can evolve and become what they can be the most amazing and righteous acts in life. In this specific case it will be and the moral action should be the utilitarian theory.

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