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Monitoring Proformence Of A Small Hotel

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Monitoring of Performance
Table 1 of the appendices presents a work program to assist Management in keeping Bunratty manor on the course of success.
So far the hotel does not have a performance monitoring strategy for staff, guest satisfaction or measuring financial projections. Our performance monitoring plan shows different step they will be able to go through to get the feedback they require.
1. Completing performance evaluation of the "floor" staff: Every quarter the heads of department should do performance appraisals on each staff member to see how they are doing. This is also beneficial to the staff member, it lets them see where they should improve and where there strong points are.

2. Review salaries and other incentives of all the staff in the hotel: Due to ...view middle of the document...

3. Measure financial results against projections: This is key for the hotel to look at it will help them see if they are reaching their financial goals that they have set out at the beginning of the year. If they keep this going for every quarter they will be able contrast and compare the financial reports and figure out when are the low financial periods and what department they have to look at. this will let them decide if they have to have certain deals for certain quarters, where and when do they have to lower their rates to attract customers and finally show them what financial situation they are in compared to last year.

4. Carry out survey to determine customers' satisfaction with the product and the service quality: The primary benefit of this surveys is that you can gather the customer’s current thoughts on various aspects of Bunratty Manor. Whether it is the value of the products or services you offer, the quality of your customer service, or even the faith that the customer has in your business’s long term strategies, it is always useful to gain insight into how the customer is currently feeling about the hotel.
Table 2 of the appendices presents a sample Guest satisfaction survey for the hotel.

5. Diagnose any gap / shortfall to identify the causes for such gap / shortfall and recommend corrective measures: Diagnosing gaps and shortfalls in the hotel, can be applied to a wide variety of situations where the hotel wants to improve. It is especially important for the hotel's general manager that want to make plans months and years into the future. It allows teams to quickly diagnose problems and create ways to solve those problems through integral changes in business practices

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