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Monitoring.... Not Spying (Reading Employees Emails And Monitoring Websites)

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People should be able to write whatever they please in an email without worrying about other people reading it other than the recipient. Of course, I believe this is true only when they use his or her personal computer. At the workplace, on the other hand, I believe it is morally acceptable for an employer to read his or her employers email. One of the deontological issues concerning this is privacy of personal communication and the strongest utilitarian consideration is that if employer's email is monitored, then there would be less lost productivity and less cases of sexual harassment. There is obviously a tension between the employee's right to privacy and the business' right to control what goes on in the workplace.One example is of a female administrator who was horrified to find her boss reading printouts of employers email. She lost her job for her protest. She ...view middle of the document...

The research also found that 23 percent of those employers didn't notify employees that the monitoring was going on (Glave, 1999). The deontological issue concerning privacy pf personal communication could be solved by simply notifying the employee that email, among other things, will be monitored. At that the time the individual could decide whether or not they find privacy of email such a big issue and have the opportunity to quit if chosen.This notification would make the utilitarian consideration stated before about less lost productivity and less cases of sexual harassment come to light. If employees know that they are being monitored they will be less apt to use the computer for personal reasons in fear that what they do or say can be used against them later. Whether it be surfing non work-related websites or sending personal emails to coworkers, the fear of losing his or her job will keep them focused on what they should be doing.Companies are strongly encouraged by lawyers and human resources managers to have explicit written policies stating that the company owns the communication system, that the system is intended for business purposes only and that the company can monitor it (Samuels, 1996). Even those who believe monitoring is in an invasion of privacy would rather see employees informed of the company policy than live with the illusion that they are conversing in private.After looking at the main deontological and utilitarian considerations of employers reading his or her employee's email, it is clear that monitoring email is a smart choice for all parties involved in the long run. It is morally acceptable for employers to read his or her employees email because it has the greatest benefit to all parties.Works CitedD'Amico, Marie. "Stop Before You Spy on That Email". 3 Sep. 1996. 20 Jun. 2004..Glave, James. "An Email Bill For Employees". 16 Sep. 1999. 20 Jun. 2004..Samuel, Patrice. "Earning It: Who's Reading Your Email? Maybe the Boss". The New YorkTimes. 12 May 1996. 20 Jun. 2004.Privacy.htm>.

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