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Monitoring Employees On Networks Essay

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There are several reasons an organization should limit their employees viewing personal e-mail, especially during work hours. Employees who check their e-mail during working hours are not focusing on their duties at hand. Some may become so involved in reading and responding to e-mail that their work does not get finished, causing poor production for their employer. E-mail checkers can also cause clogging of the “company’s network” which results in the company’s work from transmitting or receiving. This means that the company may not receive a client’s request until it is too late.
Though there are reasons companies should monitor or band their employees from viewing e-mails, there are ...view middle of the document...

Unlike e-mail that does not guarantee an instant response, instant messaging allows employees to chat back and forth which results in faster problem solving and greater productivity for a company. Several people can respond quickly and at the same time while using IM’s chat room. This is a time saver especially for important situations. IM also allows for meetings consisting of several employees, in different locations, to participate at the same time. The drawbacks of using instant messaging are that unless all parties, those needed to solve or answer questions, are logged onto the program, there is not communication. When this occurs, other alternatives have to be used like e-mailing, telephone, and such.
In some cases, employees can use instant messaging for their own personal business goals causing a company to lose time on company projects or clients. When using web pages and search engines, in an organization, there are drawbacks and benefits as well. Just like e-mail, the web carries the company’s name, making the company liable for what is said and sent to others. Some companies block access to certain websites to ensure employees stay within the company’s guidelines, when searching the Web. Only makes sense that since a company is paying an employee to be productive for the company the employee should not be allowed to do their Christmas shopping (online) while on company time.
Companies will also block the usages of the Web to ensure that confidential or important reports do not fall into the wrong hands. This enables a...

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