Monitoring Employees Essay

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Monitoring Employees on Networks
William C. Bridges
February 28, 2014
Professor Song Tang

The e-mail process benefits organizations by allowing for inter-company communications faster and more direct. . Email benefits an organization in speed of communication between its employees as well as management and also the decreased cost of this method of instant communication. Using e-mail lets employees communicate with each other and management immediately for purposes of meetings, lunch’s, and other activities within and on company time. Instead of having a messenger walk the meeting notice over to the employee, or having to read it on a board. Having an e-mail system in place also saves on the expense of paper products and ink. Limiting e-mail usage to certain content and delivary allows organizations to control the information that is going in, around and out of the company. It would be safe to say that, that control dis-allows for ...view middle of the document...

The effect of instant messaging can be both beneficial as well as hurtful depending on the organization’s security in their network. While instant messaging offers significant convenience and speed in sending a quick message from one employee to another to be seen almost immediately, if the organization’s security is lacking in any way those instant messages can be intercepted by hackers and seen by other users. This could include a client/customer’s personal information or pieces of important information meant for the intended recipient only.
The benefit of web searching and search engines in an organization allows for instantainous retrival of information in regards to data needed for research on a project. The downside of web searching is hackers using the inquiries as doors to access the organization in a reverse search. This occurs even if the organization has really good security measures in place. When a user signs on to the internet the IP address is recorded as an identity tag for the user, hackers use this as a way to get into a network.

One feels that e-mail and internet monitoring by managers is necessary. It is not sure when someone may choose to be a disgrunbteld employee or not. One once worked at a school in a mainframe area, upon termination one was watched while at my desk and on the computer. The reason was I am pretty computer savy person and they did not want me to do anything malicious to their system. Even though I would not have it was their way of securing any potential harm.

“U.S. companies have the legal right to monitor what employees are doing with company equipment during business hours. The question is whether electronic surveillance is an appropriate tool for maintaining an efficient and positive workplace. Some companies try to ban all personal activities on corporate networks—zero tolerance. Others block employee access to specific Web sites or social sites, closely monitor e-mail messages, or limit personal time on the Web.” (Essentials of Management Information Systems, Tenth Edition, by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon.).

Essentials of Management Information Systems, Tenth Edition, by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon.

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