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Monitor Systems Essay

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Monitor administration system

Performance objective

You will demonstrate skills and knowledge required to monitor an administration system.

Assessment description

In this assessment task you will monitor the implementation or operation of an administration system, modify the system as required, communicate modifications, and monitor and address training needs for the system. You will prepare a project report outlining issues and solutions, including required modification and training activities.

You may choose to use the same administrative system you implemented in Assessment Task 1, or a new administrative system agreed with your assessor.


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Follow any monitoring or recordkeeping procedures that apply.

3. Prepare a monitoring report containing:

○ the monitoring data; including charts or graphs as appropriate

○ a description of how you followed any relevant procedures; for example, monitoring, privacy, or recordkeeping procedures

○ an analysis of the monitoring data and research into changing business needs; including an evaluation of at least four options for potential modification of the system or procedures

○ recommendations and supporting evidence for which two of the four modifications would be the best to implement; at least one recommendation should address a changing business need

4. Prepare a communication to current users outlining changes to the system or procedures. Ensure you use communication skills to build support for the changes.

5. Prepare an induction plan for new staff reflecting lessons learned from implementation and monitoring of the administration system. Include in your induction plan:

○ the skills required to perform the relevant administrative task

○ a pathway for learning these skills using an appropriate mode of delivery (such as online or face-to-face delivery)

○ a training session plan, including information on relevant timings and activities for the session; such as an introduction to procedures, practice on procedures, and testing of procedural ability.

6. Submit assessment documentation in accordance with specifications below.


You must provide:

● a list of performance standards, guidelines or KPIs for the administration system relevant to determining usage, security or output performance

● a monitoring report

● a communication to users outlining changes to system or procedures that will affect users

● an induction plan

● copies of relevant policies and procedures followed to monitor system performance and develop an induction plan; for example Privacy Policy, Anti-discrimination Policy, Procurement Policy, Training Policy.

Your assessor will be looking for:

● communication skills to discuss changes in routines and procedures, and to monitor and define performance objectives or standards

● problem solving skills to choose appropriate solutions from a range of possible solutions and modify systems accordingly

● research skills to assemble performance evidence and to evaluate information on changing needs

● knowledge of organisational policies and procedures relating to specific tasks.

Adjustment for distance-based learners

● No changes to task or deliverables are required.

Assignment 2 plan or review administrative system

Workplace: Werrington county public school

Administrative system: Record of attendance


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