Monitor Critical It Environments With A Rack Mounted Network Camera

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Monitor critical IT environments with a
rack mounted network camera.

Physically securing your business is just as important as virtually securing the information it
holds. Network video cameras allow you to monitor physical access to critical IT environments,
where strict data compliances apply. These controls can help identify individuals that physically access areas storing critical organizational and customer data, should an incident occur.
Using high-quality network video to record individual
access will ensure proactive protection of your network
infrastructure, giving you the ability to see who accessed
your servers and switches. Record and archive ...view middle of the document...

Stay one step ahead.

CommScope High-Definition Integrated Panel (CHIP) Model ID: 760152512

Single screw camera bracket for simplified camera installation
Fits any of the AXIS M10 Network Camera Series
15 ft GigaSPEED XL patch cord included
Address aspects of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard 9.1.1*
Provides HDTV quality video*
Speaker and microphone provide 2-way communication**
PIR sensor for motion detection without lighting adds an additional security layer for triggered events*
White LED illumination can be either event triggered or remotely operated**
PoE powered network camera*
V ideo intelligence includes video motion detection, audio detection** and active tampering alarm

* Feature available on AXIS M1054 Network Camera only
* *Feature available on AXIS M1031-W and AXIS M1054 Network Cameras

Max video resolution
Min. illumination (color)
Two-way audio
Built-in PIR sensor,
illumination LED,
microphone and speaker
Power over Ethernet
Alarm inputs/outputs

Network camera model
AXIS M1011
AXIS M1011-W

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