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Monitor And Control Essay

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Since this project’s major deliverables are composed by terminal building, run way and airplane parking zone. Therefore, project quality monitor and control system will create great affect on the project success. “Monitor and control is the process of comparing actual performance against plan to identify deviation, evaluate possible alternative course of action and take appropriate corrective action.” (larson and gray 2011)
BaiYun international airport quality monitor and control system was form by following two major sections:
The first section is the “three layers” and “five levels” quality monitoring system. Three layers: the first layer is the supervision layer of quality monitor and control office by engineering headquarters permanently for the supervision and management of the quality of entire project process. The second layer is the control layer of the implementation of ...view middle of the document...

The second level is the occasional spot checks and all-round monitoring on all the major deliverables to ensure the quality of construction and the quality of work by engineering Headquarters Office. The third level is every units of the engineering Headquarters Office must implement comprehensive and full process quality monitor and control on their corresponding project tasks. The fourth level is the each and every supervision units need to conduct comprehensive and full process quality monitor from the work process to work technique through the implement the mandatory project construction standards and other technical specifications, strictly for the engineering quality. The fifth stage is the self-test of all construction units.

The second section is use of advanced management techniques to implement construction. Based on the Construction deployment guiding ideology, the actual situation of the airport project, the engineering headquarters uses project decomposition structure (PBS) and work breakdown structure (WBS) to break the airport project down into mutually independent unit of interrelated tasks. In order to facilitate the control of the progress of works, Headquarters has set ten construction milestone events in the construction process, through the milestone events to measure the speed of the progress of construction. Following is the list of ten milestone events:
1. Airfield civil engineering and drainage works completed
2. The completion of terminal ground foundation survey works
3. The completion of terminal building construction
4. The runway and taxiway project completed
5. The completion of terminal building decoration
6. Terminal building project completed
7. Mechanical and electrical installation and system debugging
8. The airfield test flight debug completed
9. Acceptance check of airfield
10. Linkage debugging and project delivery

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