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Money Is One Of The Basic Need Of Mankind

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Money is one of the basic need of mankind. It is the power to purchase anything, how expensive the goods are. From the time when the exchange of goods have taken shape in the form of money and currencies, human race has spent its' whole life achieving more money. But when we consider the statement that only people who earn a lot of money are successful, I donot agree with the statement. When people earn more money, some changes in their behavior appears like arrogance, greedy, jealousy, etc which may create a bundle of problems and obstacles to gain success. Secondly, to earn a lot of money cannot be termed as a success of one's life, since money is only a means to achieve success just like love, compassion, feelings, ...view middle of the document...

If a rich person has a factory and he do not care for his employers then the people under his work may also reciprocate in the same way not working devotedly for him. Moreover, when people who earn a lot of money at some level, they also need love from other peoples', from his family members,etc but when he only devotes his life in earning for a living he might loose all these beauty of life.

Money cannot be termed a success in a complete manner. One also has to have feelings toward others in order to achieve a required goal. The natural beauty of life is to co-operate with people in doing justice with them. For example, when a rich person owns a business, and he take care of each and every worker under his business, his employers will also love him and will devote their life in working hard and sincerely toward their boss. And this will help in the promotion of his business and he will be more succeessful in life than he ever imagined. Additional to this, whenever he is in need of help, his employers and workers will help him out of his difficulties. And this achievement cannot be gained by earning a lot of money.

In conclusion, to earn a lot of money is a way to success cannot be relied upon. One has to understand that money is only a mean to achieve success along with other qualities that he possesses. Ofcourse, money is the basic need of his life but if he only uses his money to achieve success, he may see a dull future ahead his life and may not recover it in an instance. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that only people who earn a lot of money are successful.

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