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Money For Grades Essay

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Money vs. True Value of Education
Raeshelle Allen
September 8,, 2012

As a child growing up doing well in school was never an option. The only this I had to do was go to school and make good grades. Now that I think about it school was my job and my paycheck was the knowledge I was gaining. This generation now-a-days have the idea that they should be rewarded finically for doing well. Students should not offered finical incentives to do well on standardize test in school.
Schools should not give into to paying students for their performance. It is understood that in order to keep a school in good academic standings you have to make sure students do well on the standardized test. The ...view middle of the document...

College by far is not cheap by any means this is why students should take advantage of the free schooling while they can. Not only is the education they are receiving is free but the information they are learning is sort of a prerequisite to what they will need to know before going to college. This chart below shows you just a estimated figure as to what the average student will end up having to fund or get money to fund their college expense.

Education is power. No real progress in life can be made without some type of education. If we begin paying students to so well what will they really being learning. Students will not be learning to retain knowledge but learning in order to pass a test. They will not fully me learning in a way it would just be memorizing the material. Once it’s down on the paper most of the time the knowledge of the material is gone. It is like the saying “information is going in one ear and out the other”. The high school years should be the time that a student’s brain should be like a sponge, and soak up all the information that they can.
Not only can you just think about the good outcome of the present you have to think about the future effects. Let’s just say that we do start paying the students to do well on standardize testing in high school. Then what happens when it’s time for the student to graduate and go off to college. Many students may not be read for the next step in high education since it was only required to do well on the standardized testing. We don’t even have to go as far as to say college how about two or three weeks form the time of testing. There will be some students who will not be able to recall the information that they learned to receive a good grade on the test but surly will be able to tell you the amount of money they received for doing so well. This well not be the only issues that you will come across what happens to the students who really tried their best but could just not perform as well as other. Would they be allowed to receive the money as well since they are doing the best that they could. What and who would really determine how the money should be given.
Another problem that may occur is poor performance throughout the school year. Now that students are getting paid for scoring high on the standardized testing what will they do with the rest of the school work that need to be done. There might be a few students who do value their education and will still do well all year long. What will become of the lazy slacker student? The ones who only seem to excel around the time of the standardize test time. The financial incentives will cause some students to only perform when money is involved. The student or the school system will never know the full potential of the student. They will be stuck in the mind frame of if they are not getting paid they will not put forth any effort to do well. The long term effect of the money incentive will cause there to become more lazy...

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