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Monet & The Impressionists Essay

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Monet & The Impressionists – Question One
During the Nineteenth century, changes in the social, economic, scientific and political life* of Europe have influenced artists of Impressionism and the techniques Claude Monet has chosen to use in his paintings and artworks.
In the time of Monet, the growth of commerce and the industry have had a great impact on his way of painting. In his supposed paintings of nature, you can see that the growth of commerce and industry have affected the natural features of the painting. In his work Gare Saint Lazare, the trains and railway stations intoxicated with an atmosphere filled with smoke “have lost a lot of their glamour with globalisation, they ...view middle of the document...

Scientific studies in relation to art such as optics and colour have caused Claude Monet to subscribed to scientific journals with articles on colour.** This is a reason why Monet has chosen to use the colours he has used. Learning more about the rest of the world, cultures and new explanations for natural phenomena have also been revealed. The impressionists created art which related to interests in science, social concern, and non-European cultures.*
Due to further scientific research and advancements, significant inventions have been created including the camera in 1839 and the lightweight easel both in which are still used today. In 1839, the invention of the camera has caused much divergence between painting and art. The camera produced much more precise images, quick and easy. Art critics quoted “From today painting is dead”** This has led to rejection of the impressionists’ artworks in art exhibitions and the education of visual art in art academies. The lightweight ease has influenced the...

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