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The impact of parents on a child can be the most important influence given to a child in life and can make who the child becomes. The reason it is the most important is because the parents should be spending the most time with their child/children. Parents are accountable to themselves and others for how they influence their children. It helps children see themselves through the parent’s role modeling. The parent’s positive influence brings a stable environment for individual growth of children. A negative influence can cause a child to act out and/or need special attention from the parent or maybe even somebody else, such as a psychiatrist. A parents influence can help add to a better ...view middle of the document...

They are constantly watching your behavior and responses in all of life’s situations. They soon find out that their parents are not perfect but they should see a strong desire to do good in showing love and help to others, working hard and being responsible people. Also a parent sets the tone for a child’s belief towards God. It has been said that how a child views his earthly father can be linked to how he believes in God. If he has a loving, fair, just, and compassionate father who believes in God it will be easier for him to have faith in God. I’m sure a mother could have this same affect too. There are exceptions to this rule because God can take a child out of the most difficult situation and make a wonderful person out of him. This is the exception not the rule, the miracle, the hope God gives to each individual. So parents should want to assist in helping a child’s glorified attitude towards God.
The third reason parents influence is important is it helps a child see himself/herself through the parent’s role modeling. A little boy can see that he has certain things in common with his dad and a girl with her mom. They can see there is a reason for why they were made different. They learn that there are two different sexes in life with differing strengths and abilities. Men typically are stronger, and more aggressive; while women can have a stronger inner strength, and be more sensitive and spontaneous. There are also exceptions to these qualities but they seem to be the norm, or used to be the norm. Personalities differ which can have a bearing on an individuals strengths or abilities, but the role modeling of parents can give a child a basic understanding of his role in life.
Fourthly, the parent’s positive influence provides a secure setting for suitable maturity of a child. When you consider the emotional, social, spiritual, and academic side of a child...

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