Moments Of Impact Essay

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Hayley Baker
It’s The Moments of Impact That Define Us
Have you ever gotten news that made your chest tighten up and tears stream down your face? I find it funny how the happiest and saddest you could possibly be create the same exact physical reaction. I believe it’s the moments like this that define us. Our every step and breath add up to create our identity. The times in our life that leave a footprint on our hearts or even on someone else’s is what matters the most. But what sustains it?
In December of 2004 my whole world was shaken with the news that three of my family members had a sudden cardiac arrest death syndrome called Brugada. This disease is usually detected by a death in the family, since ...view middle of the document...

I also would have never assumed that I could be identified as “strong.” Every person carries their own cross, if they rise above it all and continue to be who they’ve always wanted to be then in my opinion, one identifying word for that person could be the word “strong.”
In the dead of the winter 2013 I got some news that didn’t make winter seem so dead after all. Acceptance letter after acceptance letter rolled in and on February 17th I opened the mailbox to see an acceptance letter from my dream school. Flagler College is located right on the beach in St. Augustine, FL; waking up to palm trees and dolphins seemed almost too good to be true. But here I was, that indescribable feeling in my chest and tears of joy streaming down my face with the realization that in just six short months I could be somewhere that I had thought was impossible to reach. Granted, in this moment of my life I could be identified as “happy.” Although I did not end up attending my “dream school” I believe that I could still be identified as a happy person. I didn’t end up attending this school because I realized a new dream, a bigger dream. This may make people consider me a dreamer.
There are so many moments of impact in our lives that define us. These moments piled together create out identities. That moment of pure happiness and the moment of raw sadness and hopelessness create a human being. To sustain this identity we must carry all of these moments with us throughout life. We must never forget the moments of impact that made us who we are and changed our worlds forever.

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