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Mom Vs. Mom: Work Or Stay Home. Researched With Full Reference Sheet

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This research paper started with the intention of showing that mothers who stay home with their children as opposed to working outside of the home was better for child development. The results were surprising. The research began by exploring the attitudes of mothers toward each other. A number of stay-at-home mothers feel that working moms are neglecting their children in order to "have it all, rather than make material sacrifices."(Lowery) Various working class mothers indicate that stay-at-home moms are "soap opera watching couch potatoes with no ambition." (Walker). These mentalities have resulted in the societal war of Mom vs. Mom, pitting the working mom against the stay-at-home mom in ...view middle of the document...

Until the 1970s, many studies were biased toward the "negative impact of an unemployed male on his family or on the negative impact of the employed female on her family." (Ambrosino 484) Those studies influenced the hearts of parents in our nation for decades. Stay-at-home moms feel studies that are more recent are biased toward alleviating the guilt many mothers feel from working outside of the home. That influence is still evident today as shown in the following survey done by Given the choice, more than half of all mothers would prefer to stay home with their children, at least part time. Only nine percent would choose to have a full time career.Working MomsIf money or quality childcare were not an issue, which option would you choose?51%38%9%Stay-at-home mom.Part-time job/career.Full-time job/career.23232 Total votes cast.( graph may also reflect that parents feel daycare cannot provide the nurture a loving parent can, but do daycares really harm our children?To counter that inquiry, it is essential to look at the effects of childcare outside the home in relationship to the care a child receives from a stay-at-home parent. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) released its most current study in April of 2001. They preformed a childcare study by "following more than 1,300 children at 10 different sites across the country from birth into the school-age years. The study looked at the interaction between child characteristics, the home environment and child-care settings to help explain how the children developed over time." (Todd)Their study confirmed that the hours spent in various types of care affected child development. More care by relatives was neither facilitating nor unfavorable to child development. More time in "home-based, non-relative care (defined as a non-relative caregiver who cared for the child in the study and at least one other child) was associated with better language outcomes during the toddler years" (Todd) but lower language outcomes during the preschool years. There was no evidence that hours in center-based care during infancy had particularly negative effects on later development, at least through the early school years. Furthermore, by preschool years, children with "more hours in center care displayed more advanced language and cognitive skills although caregivers also reported more behavior problems among children who had more hours in center-based care." (Todd) This could be linked to the discovery that center-based caregivers had higher levels of training and education, provided more language stimulation and more structured activities than home-based providers gave. The somewhat higher level of behavior problems in center settings suggests that it is important for care providers to supply experiences that promote social and emotional growth along with providing a cognitively enriching environment. (Todd)The study also showed that the number of...

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