Moffett The Great Divide Essay

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Required Textbook:

Moffett, Stonehill, Eiteman, Fundamentals of Multinational Finance, 3rd ed., Pearson and Prentice Hall

Course Objective

This course is designed to give the student an understanding of the basic terminology, structure, and importance of international finance. This includes study of foreign exchange (FX) markets and instruments, FX risk, political risk, hedging of these risks, and evaluation of foreign projects. Besides focusing on the enhancement of analytical skills based on the tools and theory of international finance, this course also familiarizes the student with internet-based data sources.

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Mini cases

Two mini cases will be assigned during the semester. Based on their preference, students can write these mini cases individually. The write-ups should be no longer than three pages (double spaced) and they should contain a short summary of the case followed by an analysis and conclusions. While the book lists some questions on each case, your write up should be structured as an essay rather than a numbered response to the questions (you do need to address each of the questions in your write-up, though). E-mail submissions to will be accepted.


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Class Participation

While class participation is not a separate graded item, it can greatly affect your class grade. The main source of class participation is the discussion board on Blackboard. Some discussion topics will be posted by the instructor throughout the semester, but students are also encouraged to start their own discussion strings. Students are particularly encouraged to seek answers from their peers to questions they may have on topics related to the class, using the discussion board. Each student is required to post a message on the discussion board at least once in order to receive a passing grade for the class. Evidence of enthusiasm and...

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