Module 3 – A Closer Look At Information Processing, Personalities, And Perception

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Module 3 – A Closer look at Information Processing, Personalities, and Perception

Slide 1 Text: This module will look at an Information Processing model first, then it will cover what happens when we detect or think we detect an information signal. Next, this module looks at how our personality affects the way we perceive information, and finally provide some examples of interesting and complex pictures to perceive (a true example of information processing). (You should have done the Common Sense demo and determined your MBTI four letters before you view this slide presentation.)

Slide 2 Text: According to Wickens, 1984, information processing begins when a stimuli
hits one or many of ...view middle of the document...

Also, your thoughts can also influence your information
processing. A friend of yours might tell you about a person that is coming to your
organization. Based on the comments, you develop a perception (from your memory) of
this person. Once you see, hear, and talk with the person, your perception might be
changed (through the feedback loop). Now let’s see how age affects information

Slide 3 Text: Aging and Information Processing
There are a few well-known changes in information processing capability that occur with
1. Slowing of performance
2. Increased disruption of working memory by a shift of attention during the time that
the material is being held there.
3. Difficulty in searching for material in long-term memory.
a. It takes older people longer to consolidate new memories and to recall them later.
4. Difficulty in dealing with incompatibility, especially conceptual, spatial and
movement incompatibility.
5. Decrements in perceptual encoding of ambiguous stimuli (i.e., increased difficulty
identifying objects from incomplete representations or processing complex or confusing
stimuli). I had a 90 year old father-in-law and when you asked him a question, 90% of the
time he answers “I don’t know.”

Slide 4 Text: Your long term memory verifies that one of these is the real penny because
all the possible pieces match. It’s the specific details that aren’t in long term memory
because they don’t have to be…after all who is going to counterfeit a penny! Your short
term memory is what you use when you select a penny from a hand full of change. The
answer is the bottom middle.

Slide 5 Text: Amazing isn’t it! Which memory allows you to read the paragraph…I hope
you said long term memory. You can read the paragraph because you can find words in
your memory that have the same number of letters and the same first and last letter. And
your brain processes it and makes a decision is a very short time.

Slide 6 Text: Not only does your memory impact your information processing, but your
personality does too. Take this personality test and find out which four letter combination
you are. If you have time, determine what your significant other and boss are. The
hyperlinks work in the Slide Show view. According to a personality expert, the following
four personalities are what most individuals who work in the aviation industry have. If
you didn’t score one of these four, it doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of working in the
aviation industry. After all, I’m an INTP and spent over 30 years in the business.

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