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Modernization Of Ntuc Income Case Study

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Modernization of NTUC Income
Case Study

Major :Business Administration
Grade :2013
Name :Xia Yi’nan
ID Number :201311033030

Contents............................................................................... 1
1.The problems.......................................................................2
1.1The problems faced by Income in this case.....................2
1.2How were the resolved by the new digital systems?.......2
2.Before migrating to the fully digital system..........................3
2.1The information systems.................. .............................3
2.2Business ...view middle of the document...

The software comprised three subsystems-Policy Administration ,Sales Management and Supplementary Resources. It provides a customer-centric design,seamless integration with imagining and bar-code technology, a product definition module that supports new products, new channels and changes in business process.
In addition, Income also revamped its business continuity and disaster-recovery plans. A real-time hot backup disaster-recovery center was implemented,where the machines were always running and fully operational .

Before migrating to the fully digital system.
2.1The information systems
With transaction processing systems, TPS: up untill a few years ago, Income insurance processes were very tedious and paper-based.
The accounting and management information systems, MIS: it still frequently broke down.

2.2Business process
The entire insurance process started with customers meeting an agent, filling in forms and submitting documents. The agent would then submit the forms at branches, from where they were sent by couriers to the Office Services department. The collection schedule could introduce delays two to three days. Office Services would log documents, sort them, and then send them them to departments for underwriting. Proposals were allocated to underwriting staff, mostly randomly. Accepted proposals were sent for printing at the Computer Services department and then redistributed.

After migrating to the fully digital system
3.1 Information Systems
Owning transaction processing systems, TPS.
Setting up management information systems, MIS.

3.2 IT infrastructure
Income decided to replace its entire IT infrastructure with a more robust,...

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Ntuc Case Study

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