Modern Olympics Vs. Ancient Olympics Essay

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Modern Olympics vs. Ancient Olympics

In Ancient Greek times, the Olympics was a yearly event, which took
the whole preceding year to prepare for. Today the Olympics take place
every four years and we spend the 4 or 5 years leading up to it to
prepare. The ancient Olympics lasted for 5 days but today the Olympics
last 3 - 4 weeks.

We prepare today, by cleaning the whole country/ town it is going to
take place in, by advertising the event and even building a new
airport, as they have done in Athens for the Olympics, which will be
happening in 2004. In the ancient Olympics the events were held in the
same place each year so they didn't need to put ...view middle of the document...

Another difference between the athletes
is that in Ancient Olympics, only men could take part but today both
men and women can compete, and there are different competitions for
male and female competitors.

The running events of the ancient Olympics were similar in a way to
modern Olympics. They had all different length races - some long
distance and some short distance, as we do today. But in the ancient
Olympics they had a Race in Armour, which was a two-length race of
which the athletes had to run in full war Armour. This was to keep the
athletes fit for war.

Another small, but significant difference between the events of the
Olympics, is the way the athletes started the race. In the ancient
Olympics, a competitor would stand with his arms stretched forward,
one foot in front of the other, and toes in the groove holes in the
marble start point. In modern Olympics and races, an athlete would
place their knee behind the start line, and have their second foot up;
behind the start line and they would be in a crouched position, with
their hands on the ground in front of their feet/ knee.

For the all-round athlete competing in ancient Olympics, there was a
Pentathlon, which consisted of: Discus, Long Jump, Javelin, Running,
and Wrestling. Today the events of a pentathlon are slightly
different. They are: Pistol shooting, Fencing, Horse riding, Swimming
and running.

In wrestling, the rules were quite different to the rules of modern
wrestling. There used to be...

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