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Modern Diet Essay

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Modern Diet and Metabolic Variance
The objective of the research is to propose a physiological rationale for the positive correlation between alanine transaminase activity and body mass.
Body weight status is determined with reference to the body mass index. Those with a BMI ranging between 18-24.99 kg/m2 are considered healthy. Individuals falling within the 25.00-29.99 kg/m2 category are classified as overweight while obesity is reserved for those reaching or exceeding a body mass index of 30 kg/m2.
A well-documented example of metabolically driven weight gain exists physiologically. When females approach menarche, their bodies attempt to conserve energy via the development of adequate adipose tissue reserves. This metabolic phenomenon has also evolved to accumulate enough energy stores that in the event of conception, adequate resources would be available to sustain pregnancy
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This may result in a greater input of pyruvate into the citric acid cycle, or, in the event of sufficient immediate energy stores, a greater conversion into malonyl CoA. This suggests that individuals endowed with elevated transaminase levels will more effectively mobilise alanine in the interests of gluconeogenesis and fat deposition. Naturally, weight gain will follow.
This was a cross-sectional statistical analysis of adiposity across large samples of adults differing by age, diet and lifestyle. The subjects of this study included 46,684 19–20 years old Swiss male conscripts and published data on 1000 Eskimos, 518 Toronto residents and 97,000 North American Adventists. An in-depth internet search was conducted for data relating to various dietary restrictions and the subsequent outcomes on body mass index.
The majority of research into obesity has focused directly on the caloric imbalances. The results of such investigations have led to the development of the central dogma of obesity. Amongst the Swiss conscripts, no manipulation of the data was conducted in achieving the gross relationship between ALT and obesity. However, in the interests of further eliminating the possibility of raised ALT levels being a by-product of obesity related liver damage that the metabolically healthy individuals were selected as a separate sample for further analysis. The relatively large sample size and the simplicity of analysis reduces the scope for bias or type II statistical error. The results were taken from samples collected in the 1960’s for both Canadian Eskimos and European origin residents of Toronto.
The final information included within the paper was compiled from multiple sources documenting skin-fold measurements of Canadians. The results were taken from samples collected in the 1960’s for both Canadian Eskimos and European origin residents of Toronto. With such a comparison, the results are best taken as a guiding trend rather than absolute confirmation.
Grantham, J., Staub, K., Rühli, F., & Henneberg, M. (2014, February 6). Modern diet and metabolic variance. Retrieved November 17, 2014, from

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