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Modern Cartoons Essay

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Are modern-day cartoons getting degraded?
Chapter 2: Literature review
Nobody will deny the fact that modern-day cartoons make big influence on children all over the world. It is a grave issue which affects all the members of the society. Basically, this problem starts from parents, who don’t spend their free time with children and don’t pay attention on children’s growing stage. Parents should follow their children; a child needs to feel love of parents, their attention and presence. Amy and Cantor (2000) maintain that if parents do not attract attention to their children, later children will not very fun to love historically and began to beat, pinching other people, ...view middle of the document...

Based on the opinions of DV Andryushchenko, NE Markova, IJ Medvedeva, they list a few signs of "harmful cartoon", which stands on the view to protect the child. The main characters of the cartoon aggressive, they tend to harm others, often maim or kill other characters, and the details of cruel, aggressive attitude repeated many times. The consequence of this view can be shown as brutality, ruthlessness, and aggression to child in real life. Bandura research (as cited in ) conducted by him and his colleagues in the 60 years of the twentieth century proved that television scenes of violence seen by children increase their aggressiveness and form not good character traits. Moreover, modern-cartoons have unsympathetic and sometimes even ugly characters. According to VS Mukhina (as cited in ), child doll in cartoons, for instance, has a big impact on child. Positive characters should be pretty or even beautiful, and negative - on the contrary. In the case where all the characters are terrible, ugly, scary, regardless of their role, the child has no clear guidelines for the assessment of their actions. In addition, when a child is forced to imitate, to identify himself/herself with the unsympathetic character - inevitably suffers internal sense of self kid.
There are five articles used for this report and, basically, all of them have connection with each other in the some aspects. Some articles provide a lot of similar information about degraded cartoons in general, while the others are completely different.
The first article “The immediate impact of aggressive cartoons on emotional disturbed and learning disabled children” by The journal of Genetic Psychology is about immediate impact of viewing aggressive cartoons on emotional disturbed (ED) and learning disabled (LD) children’s willingness to hurt another child was assessed. In this article was held an experiment: with 38 children, who attended one of two public schools, one for ED and one for LD children. According to Sprafkin, Gadow & Grayson (as cited in ) handicapped children often possess several characteristics that are associated...

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