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Mocking Bird Essay

536 words - 3 pages

To kill a Mockingbird essay is written to explore and analyze the message given out by novel To kill a Mocking Bird. This novel was written by Harper Lee and published in 1960. It portrays the time period of 1930's in Albama. It shows dominance of white people in the society during that period. The narrator of the story is Scout Flinch. Her father Atticus Finch is a lawyer who has high ethical values and respect for humanity. He is very optimistic. Atticus stood to his character when he defends Tom Robinson, a black man on trial for the rape of a white woman. He sets up example for society and his children to stand up by his values, even when he faces the roughest time of his life in the course of defending Tom. Mockingbird is a long-tailed gray-and-white ...view middle of the document...

"To kill a mockingbird" essay should necessarily cover the following points to get a good grade in essay rubric:

- Social class structure in the 1930's.

- Prejudice and racist mind frame of society in that period.

- Trial of Tom Robinson accused of raping a white woman.

- Various themes used by author. Good and Evil, Courage, Racism, Law.

- Character of Bob Ewell and why he tries to kill Jem (brother of Scout) and Scout.

- Methods and examples used by Atticus to teach his children good values and ethics.

- Social, political and moral messages that author has tried to convey to society using Atticus Flinch.

- Atticus knew that he won't be able to save Tom. What was his state of mind and why he chose to defend him?

- Why it is named as "To kill a MockingBird". Which all characters in the novel suit this example of mockingbird?

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To kill a Mockingbird essay explores different themes portrayed by Harper Lee in her novel. The paper highlights the solutions and messages to the society given by the author through her characters.

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