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Mock Test Essay

1841 words - 8 pages

dEiuh ‘kklu ds v/khu yk, x, vf/kfu;e & Trick : - REPA me 4 Candle Aditya ne 3 BHAI ne jalayi Mr. Charls ne India me 19 sudhar kiye jinhe Bharat Sarkar ne 35 din me lagu kiya RE- 1773 dk jsX;wysfVax ,DV P -1784 dk fiVl India ,DV A -1786 dk ,DV 4 Candle – (4 pkVZj ,DV) 1793 dk pkVZj ,DV 1813 dk pkVZj ,DV 1833 dk pkVZj ,DV 1853 dk pkVZj ,DV Aditya - 1858 dk vf/kfu;e 3 BHAI- (3 Hkkjrh; ifj”kn vf/kfu;e) 1861 dk Hkkjrh; ifj”kn vf/kfu;e 1892 dk Hkkjrh; ifj”kn vf/kfu;e 1909 dk Hkkjrh; ifj”kn vf/kfu;e Mr. Charls ne India me 19 sudhar kiye -1919 dk Hkkjr ljdkj vf/kfu;e ;k ekaVsX;w & psElQksMZ lq/kkj Bharat Sarkar ne 35 din - Hkkjr ljdkj vf/kfu;e 1935 Me, ne, jalayi , jinhe ,din me lagu kiya word ...view middle of the document...

न /मला , /मसाइल मैन । ू 12:- %तीभा पाट ल=> %थम म8हला रा प त , ज(म ?थान जलगाँव महारा , ससुराल छोट लोसल सीकर है ,

ये राज?थान क %थम म8हला राCयपाल थी , प त दे वी/सँह शेखावत । 13:- %णव मखजP=> 9वप7ी उ6मीदवार Qी पी॰ए॰संगमा को हराया । ु रा प त को शपत=> सवSTय (यायालय का मुUय (यायाधीश। रा प त अपना .यागपV=> उपरा प त को ।

तीनK सेनाओX का सवSचय अ धकार (जल थल वायु) का=>रा

प त।


Trick to memorize PRIME MINISTERS OF INDIA (just imagination, don't take it otherwise) TRICK 1 : - JAWAHAR LAL ko jab Gaddi mil gayi to wo khusi k mare pagal go gaye. bolne lage LAL LAL LAL(3 times), itne me 1. guljari LAL aa gaye, fir bolne lage LAL LAL, 2. LAL bahadur shastri aa gaye, fir 3 times guljari LAL aa gaye. Ye sab INDIRA GANDHI dekh rahi thi, sochne lagi ki is tarah to gaddi hath se nikal jayegi. Kehne lagi ki jab pairo par chot lag jaye to DESAI beedi ka wrapper CHARAN par laga lena chahiye, ye INDIRA keh rahi hai RAJEEV se, ye sara najaara saara VISHWA dekh raha tha.tabhi CHANDRAma se NARSIMHA RAO aye aur dharti par apna ATAL GOWDA (ghutna) rakh diya (jaise Ramayana me Angad ne rakha tha). ye dekh kar devraaj INDRA bahut khush hue aur bole ki agar tumhara faisla ATAL hai , aur ATAL hai tumhara ghutna, to hum bahut khush hue mere pyare man ko moh lene wale MANMOHAN.. FACTS-- 1. Jawaharlal Nehru – August 15, 1947 to May 27, 1964 2. Gulzarilal Nanda – May 27, 1964 to June 9, 1964 3. Lal Bahadur Shastri - June 9, 1964 to January 11, 1966 4. Gulzarilal Nanda – January 11, 1966 to January 24, 1966 5. Indira Gandhi - January 24, 1966 to March 24, 1977 6. Morarji Desai – March 24, 1977 to July 28, 1979 7. Choudhary Charan Singh - July 28, 1979 to January 14, 1980 8 .Indira Gandhi – January 14, 1980 to October 31, 1984 9. Rajiv Gandhi – October 31, 1984 to December 2, 1989 10. Vishwanath Pratap Singh – December 2, 1989 to November 10, 1990 11. Chandra Shekhar – November 10, 1990 to June 21, 1991 12. P. V. Narasimha Rao – June 21, 1991 to May 16, 1996 13. Atal Behari Vajpayee – May 16, 1996 to June 1, 1996 14. H. D. Deve Gowda – June 1, 1996 to April 21, 1997 15. Inder Kumar Gujral – 21 April 1997 to 18 March 1998 16. Atal Behari Vajpayee – 19 March 1998 to13 October 1999 17. Atal Bihari Vajpayee – 13 October 1999 to 22 May 2004 18.Dr. Manmohan Singh – 22 May 2004 to TILL DATE TRICK 2 : - JALAI MACHAI RAVI CHAPI AB DI GUJRI BIHAR SE DO BAR MAN KE SATH 2014 ME DEKHE KAUN AAYE MODI KIS KIS SE JAI BULWAYE JA - Jawaharlal Nehru LA - Lal Bahadur Shastri I- Indira Gandhi I - Indira Gandhi RA - Rajiv Gandhi MA – Morarji Desai VI – V. P. Singh

CHA - Choudhary Charan Singh


CHA - Chandra Shekhar DI - H. D. Deve Gowda

PI - P. V. Narasimha Rao GUJRI - Inder Kumar Gujral

AB - Atal Behari Vajpayee BIHAR SE - Atal Bihari Vajpayee MAN KE SATH - Dr. Manmohan Singh

DO BAR - Atal Bihari Vajpayee , & Dr. Manmohan Singh 2 time pm rahe

2014 ME DEKHE KAUN AAYE MODI KIS KIS SE JAI BULWAYE – 2014 me modi pm bane tab use full

TRICK : - LOK SABHA SEATS up.(80), bihar...

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