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Mock Interview Essay

1570 words - 7 pages

BBI 2420

1. Tell me about yourself. (INTERVIEW 1)
Candidate 1

2. What do you know about the Civil Service Commission (PSC)? What is the role played by the Public Service Commission (PSC)? (INTERVIEW 1)

Candidate 1
Public service commission ha the vision by be the lead agency in a dynamic and competent in matters of appointment and civil service. The mission of PSC is quality appoint civil servants and manage the affairs in an efficient and effective services to meet the needs of the country. PSC is for ensure functionality appoint, confirm, give exercise disciplinary over members of the PSC under the ...view middle of the document...

There is also easy for the government sector to make bank loan and kwsp contributions .Although it have the disadvantages of small starting salary and lack of leave. But there are more benefit than bad .

4. Give me the name of the former director general of Malaysia's Ministry Of
Health ? (INTERVIEW 2)

Candidate 2

There is no chief director being replace Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman , The positon was still in process of findings

5. Who is the current deputy minister of health? Who is our current Chief Secretary to the government of Malaysia? (INTERVIEW 2)

Candidate 1

Our deputy minister of health is Datuk Rosnah Shirlin Binti Haji Abdul Rashid Shirlin while Dato’ Sri Dr Ali bin Hamsa is our current Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia.

6. List me job description of food service officer in hospital or ministry of health that you know? (INTERVIEW 2)

Candidate 1

Supervise members in custody to ensure compliance with disciplinary procedures and the performance of job security regulations.

Candidate 2

It is responsible for menu planning and procurement management of food required in standard recipes and ensure that food provided safe, clean and in compliance with the quality guidelines. Acquisition of wet food / raw and dry food storage management, pre-cooking preparation and serving of food to ensure implemented in accordance with the procedure prescribed. Why should we choose you, and not the other candidates?

7. Why should we choose you, and not the other candidates? (INTERVIEW 3)

Candidate 1

I think you should hire me because I possess all the necessary qualities that is required by the job. I know that there are other candidates who may also have ability to do the job but the one thing that differentiates me from them is "passion of excellence and interpersonal skills" besides the details in my resume. I believe in character, vision, values and action.

Candidate 2

Why u should choose us and not the other candidate is because I am determined person .I can simply think and invent new idea that out of box so this can really help your company to grow well. I am hardworking and willing to work extra time in order to increase the reputation of the company. Besides, I can adapt with new environment well and this can help improve the working environment.

8. If you are not able to post this, so what will you do after this? (INTERVIEW 3)

Candidate 1

If im not getting the job,I think I would further my study in doing my master.

Candidate 2

I don’t have any plan yet,madam.

9. Describe an instance where you have natural leadership talent in performing an activity or large and successful program. (INTERVIEW 3)

Candidate 1

During my final year in university, I had participated in a program which is known as International Food Festival. I was the president of this program and this provides me a chance to develop my leadership skill.

Candidate 2

I had been...

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