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Mobile Devices Essay

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MovMobile Devices Technology Report

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The history of business has been defined by advances in technology that have fundamentally changed the business playing field. The invention of the railroad, the motor vehicle, the airplane, and the internet revolutionized the business industry, changed the dynamics of how businesses compete, and brought economic prosperity for those who leveraged, adapted, and utilized the new technology. Smart Phones, Tablets, & other mobile devices are rapidly growing and are becoming common place around the world. Mobile devices will not only change the way we do business, it will revolutionize it. This technology will change ...view middle of the document...

These operating systems give mobile users an easy to use interface, are ready to operate in seconds, and access to hundreds of thousands of applications (programs) specifically designed to meet the consumers need. Applications can help users do almost anything, but some of the main things that it provides educational resources, social networks, entertainment, and instant access to desired information instantly.
The smartphone market is highly competitive as several companies compete in providing the hardware for the smart phone devices. Currently the most market share for smartphones is held by Samsung taking the top position in the smartphone market taking a 23.8 percent share of the global market to Apple's 14.6 percent and Nokia was third with a 14.4 percent share, according to data released by research firm Strategy Analytics. (Ribeiro, 2011) The smartphone instury is also growing rapidly, Strategy Analytics said, “Global smartphone shipments grew 44 percent annually to reach a record 117 million units in the third quarter of 2011”. (Ribeiro, 2011) Tablets are growing quickly, but the tablet market is less competitive than the smartphone market. The Ipad is the clear market leader in the tablet industry, yet several other tablets compete in the marketplace. About 10.3 million tablets were sold in the U.S. in 2010, the market researcher estimates. It expects tablet sales to more than double in 2011 to 24.1 million units. (Reisinger) Mobile devices are becoming popular and commonplace at a fast rate due to a variety of factors. One factor for this growth is that mobile devices have become affordable enough that the majority of people in the world can afford them. Thanks to the continual drop in semiconductor prices and displays, people everywhere will soon have access to mobile devices. People from around the world will have access to mobile phones and reap the social, logistical and business benefits of having mobile devices. People’s livelihoods will increase or depend on mobile technology that allows them to run their small business effectively. Mobile devices will even affect nations, according to Davos, Studies have shown that introducing 10 new mobile telephones per 100 people in the developing world can add between one half to one percent to a country’s GDP growth rate. (Mcdermott, 2011)
Mobile devices are growing around the world and are overtaking previous technologies in the area of computing. Smartphones will outsell PCs by the end of 2011, according to the research firm Gartner. (Mcdermott, 2011) According to Cisco’s Mobile Visual Index, the industry’s most comprehensive study, mobile devices are growing at an incredible rate with global mobile traffic almost doubling every year, and will continue to do so through at least 2016. (Goldman, 2012) Mobile devices ease of use has helped fuel this incredible global growth and lead to smartphones supplanting PC’s in the computing industry. Since Mobile devices are...

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