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Mobile Computing And Social Networks Essay

1731 words - 7 pages

Maxwell Troy

CIS500 – Information Systems for Decision Making


Dr. Albert C. Dominic

Strayer University

August 14, 2014

Mobile computing has created new ways in which information can be accessed and distributed. The use of wireless networking has been a major contributor factor in utilization of mobile computing. Nurses are now better suited to monitor patient’s vital signs preventing the need for periodic doctors’ visits to perform readings such as glucose levels and blood pressure readings.
Compare and contrast monitoring of patient vital signs using mobile computing technology to in-patient visits to the doctor’s ...view middle of the document...

Advantages range from increased accuracy of patient record, diagnosis of patient being simplified and at the same time, saving valuable time that can now be used to treat patient illness Yant, (2012). According to Smith, (2011) the utilization of mobile computing technology may help avoid health issues such as a stroke while simultaneously saving money for the patient and the health care system. Mobile technology has been used to monitor military veterans suffering from multiple chronic illnesses thus allowing many veterans to be cared for allowing videoconferencing updates when needed Smith, (2011). Disadvantages in using mobile computing to monitor patients range from the following; many older health care workers may face the challenge of having to learn new technology. Another problem is the potential of the system failure causing major problems with medication issue as well as communication loss Yant, (2012).
. Assess the security concerns with regard to the transmission of personal medical information over wireless networks
Data is bought and sold daily, regulations that protect medical information and who is authorized access to that information is protected by HIPPAA, however these regulations must be upgraded to include mobile technologies in the medical industry. The storage of data by hospitals mobile patient monitoring systems is susceptible to possible eavesdropping and skimming when data is being transmitted by a wireless router network Yant, (2012). Information security of patients is a factor that must be taken into consideration when using mobile technology. Patients personal information must be protected, security breakdowns may allow hackers the window of opportunity to steal patient medical information. The lack of information control is yet another disadvantage of mobile technology. Complaints and concerns have been voiced by hospitals, the potential for unauthorized personnel obtaining patients personal information in vast quantities is a very real possibility. Information can be collected by unauthorized individuals without raising awareness of others World Press, (n.d.). The transmission of medical information over wireless networks saves hospitals money and patient lives. Protection of patient health information technology is better protected when the information is stored in cloud based service Caswell, (2011). According to Caswell, (2011) some experts in the IT technological field insist that; While some people in the IT industry have stated that security risks are created when data is moved from a local source moving to remote services eliminates control. Other experts in the field argue that IT experts say Cloud Computing allows hospitals and others millions of dollars and provides more protection that could be experts say Cloud Computing saved those companies millions of dollars and is more secure than what they could have provided internally Caswell, (2011). Some advantages and disadvantages...

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