Mobile Computing And Social Networks Essay

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Mobile Computing and Social Networks
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Mobile Computing and Social Networking

Mobile base applications are capable of providing your most sensitive information with and sometimes without your knowledge. The geolocation data can reveal a person’s physical location, and this can be done by a Global Positioning System (GPS), Internet Protocol (IP) geolocation using data bases that map IP addresses to geographic locations as well as financial transaction information. This technology has become very useful, especially in the social networking arena. It allows us to inform our friends and followers as to where we are and ...view middle of the document...

For some time now the issue of privacy has risen repeatedly. There is a level of security as well as professional use when utilizing such applications (social networks), therefore manufactures have made it possible for users to adjust their privacy settings therefore allowing a sense of security per your convenience.
Geolocation data is generally used for three purposes;
* Geo-referencing or positioning- Ascertaining the physical location of an object or person relative to a coordinate system (map) to access specific information later.
* Geo-coding- Searching for information regarding objects or services on a map, such as locating a business offering a particular type of service.
* Geo-tagging- Adding geographic information to an object such as a photograph, by incorporating the geolocation data in the photograph’s metadata.
Geolocation data is generated and collected in one of two ways;
* Active mode- Referred to as user device based geolocation
* Passive mode- Referred to as table look up or data correlation server-based geolocation
Users directed to the application instance or website that is physically closest to them mitigates the impact of speed of light limitations on application performance. The integration of accurate geolocation technology helps scale applications appropriately providing, for example, more computer resources in New York where there are millions of users, and fewer resources in Topeka, Kansas, where there might be only a few thousand users.
Cloud balancing is the routing of application requests across applications or workloads that resides in multiple clouds. It assumes that all instances of the application deployed in the various clouds are accessible at all times. A large part of the value proposition of cloud balancing is to optimize resource utilization while simultaneously enhancing user performance. Geolocation data advances this process by supplying information about the user connection that can be valuable to a global server load balancing solution that is attempting to find the optimal data center or cloud to which that user’s request should be directed.
There are several benefits to being able to access your own data via mobile applications. In particular, there are three advantages that you will find to be most beneficial, especially if you are a business owner, these advantages are speed, volume of information, and advertising. In the past we spent countless time waiting for our desktop computers to warm or boot up, testing our patience time and time again. Mobile applications makes doing business so much smoother and faster. Since most of or maybe even all of the information is stored within the application, there is no further need to wait on loading information over a slow 3G connection. In addition, what little information that needs to be updated can be done in the background, allowing the user to access other information while the application...

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