Mobile Computing And Social Networking Essay

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Mobile Computing and Social Networks
by Jamia Yant
June 6th, 2012
Effectiveness and Efficiency Mobile-based Applications Provide With Regard to Geolocation and Consumer Data
Geolocation is a technology that uses data acquired from an individual’s computer or mobile device (any type of radio or network-connection-enabled device) to identify or describe his/her actual physical location.  (ISACA, 2011)  This technology has become one of the most popular trends in social networking giving us the ability to let our friends know where we are, identify popular or convenient places close to our physical location or even remotely check in to restaurants.  These types of applications ...view middle of the document...

  But if you are driving along on a clear day these apps can be reasonable accurate.  Something else to keep in mind is the abilities of the application.  The more sophisticated the software and the larger the database the more accuracy it will proved. 
There are also privacy concerns that accompany this type of application.  By sharing your location on social networks, you could increase your level of personal risk. Fortunately, as these concerns arise application developers are allowing users to set some type of privacy preferences.  A few examples of the dangers of location sharing would be stalkers, pedophiles or even people who see you are not at home and then break in and rob you all while tracking your location as you move.  If users make smart choices with their privacy settings they will still find the rewards we reap from this technology outweighs the small amount of privacy we sacrifice.  
The Benefits of Mobile Applications for Consumers Using the Cloud
With the development of cloud computing, data has become mobile, transferable, and instantly accessible.  Mobile technology had made almost every aspect of our lives portable.  Thanks to laptops, notebook computers, mobile and smart phones, GPS devices and wireless debit/credit payment terminals there are a variety of ways to access this data on the go.  This technology offers individuals more flexible working practices, more flexible payment options for customers, allows businesses a way to provide better customer service, it increases productivity, and supports decision making.  Customers can now log into a payment center via their cell phone or computer and pay bills without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes should they choose to do so.  They can review transactions, read emails, share photos, update their social networking relationships, and check in with doctors while refilling prescriptions all from the palm of their hand.  The possibilities are limitless.  Executives can still be actively involved with the day to day business activity while traveling whether it be from a hotel room or an airport.  The freedom the cloud has given to working mothers is also a huge benefit.  Some even believe that cloud computing offers advantages to nearly every entity in the ecosystem.  Enterprises gain three solid benefits from using the cloud.
Cost Savings - It reduces and limits the capital spent on in house hardware/servers and maintaining them.
Agility – The business can scale their services up or down to meet their businesses needs.
Focus - IT departments can focus on more strategic initiatives that will have top and bottom line impacts by spending less time on deployment and maintenance.
There are still some remaining barriers that keep some business from adopting cloud technology such as security risks, regulatory compliance and concern about connectivity and availability.  
Examine the challenges of developing applications that run on...

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