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Mobile Computing Essay

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Mobile Technology and Social Networking in the Health Sector
Rapid technological advances have brought about a new twist of operation in the health segment. Mobile computing devices and other portable devices such as iPods and iPads have redefined the relationship between computers and human beings. These technological advances signify substantial evidence of departure from computational paradigms, which necessitated users to explicitly interact with computing systems to achieve the expected results. The health sector is also demonstrating its pursuit to be in tandem with the changing technology. By using advanced methods, which are not substitutes, but techniques to improve ...view middle of the document...

These include blood sugar levels, blood pressure, respiratory rates, and blood oxygen levels among others. With a total population of more than 320 million mobile phones and portable devices, and only 1.7 million hospital beds in the U.S, the use of mobile phones will significantly reduce congestion in health facilities, as this would mean that a single bed will represent 185 devices (Avancha, Baxi and Kotz, 2012). This is not only cost efficient, but also significantly reduces the costs associated with inpatient visits and admissions that cause congestion. In a separate survey that had similar objectives as the first one, at least 90% of doctors interviewed were supportive of the idea of using mobile devices to track health status (Blake, 2008). In the survey, mobile devices helped patients track their health status at affordable costs without the need of travelling to medical facilities.
According to Turban and Volonino (2011), most of the physicians said that the use of technology to track health records is as efficient as inpatient visits, but has an upper hand as it minimizes time wastage on queues in medical facilities, and other costs associated with in patient monitoring activities. Another activity associated with the use of mobile devices to track health records, is the availability of social platforms that allow similar patients to share their experiences online, without having to visit each other physically. This creates awareness among those concerned and implants a sense of responsibility to those directly affected. Physicians also concur with the fact that the use of mobile devices to track health progress significantly minimizes workload, and allows them to serve more patients, as opposed to when they have to deal with the patients directly. At least 58% of those interviewed concurred with the fact that the use of mobile devices to track their health status helped them make faster decisions pertaining to their health status in comparison to in patient visits (Blake, 2008).
Advantages and Disadvantages of the use of mobile Technology
The pivotal aim of the use of mobile devices has been to improve the condition of patient lives and health. According to Avancha Baxi, and Kotz (2012), mobile technology has enhanced the frequency at which physicians monitor the health status of their patients, thereby guaranteeing patients the provision of quality service in a timely manner. Another advantage of the use of mobile devices is that, these devices have enhanced the improvement and efficiency of health services in a variety of ways. Patients take fewer visits to medical facilities, and at the same time spend less money as compared to the amount that would have been spent by taking in patient visits. Doctors are able to monitor and give reliable feedback on questions asked in timely durations, as opposed to when the patients will have to make visits to health facilities. The overall result is that, efficient services are given timely....

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