Mms Finance Essay

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3.0.1 International Business - University Assessment 100 Marks

Course Content

1. Overview of the International Business Process

2. PEST factors affecting International Business

3. Government influence on trade

4. International Trade Theories

5. FDI

6. Country Evaluation and Selection

7. Collaborative Strategies

8. International Marketing

9. International Trade Agreements

10. International Trade Organizations

11. International HR Strategies .

12. International Diplomacy - .

Reference Text

1. International Business - Daniels and Radebouqh

2. International Business - Sundaram and Black

3. International Business — ...view middle of the document...

Competitive strategy — Michael Porter


3.2.1 Advanced Financial Management UA 100 Marks

Course Content

1.Corporate Finance. -
• Capital Structuring -Theory & Practice
• Investment (Project) Identification & Feasibility Analysis With sensitivities.
• Financing Options - structuring & evaluation Off-shore I On-Shore Instruments, Multiple
Option Bonds - Risk Analysis, Financial engineering
• Financial Benchmarking -- concept of shareholder value. Maximization. Interest rate
structuring, bond valuations.
• Financial Interest Rate Swaps Treasury Function in corporate.

2. Investment Banking-
• Valuation of Corporate I Projects I Investment Opportunities - Die Diligence Procedures
• Credit Rating of Countries/ State / Investment & Instruments
• Joint Venture Formulations - FIPS / RBI
• Merchant Banking - Role & Functions - Loan Syndication IPO – Primary Issue

3. Infrastructure Financing
• Issues & Considerations Financial Feasibility. Pricing & Earning Model)
• Financing Options

4. Sick companies Act / Provisions of BIFR / Rehabilitees of sick units/ Restructuring of sick units

5. Indian financial systems

Reference Text :

1. Financial Management — Briefly Myres
2. Financial Management — Brigham
3. Indian Financial Systems —M Y Khan

3.2.2 Corporate Law 100 Marks

Course Content


• Preparation of Memorandum of Association
• Name of the Company, its registration and procedure for changing the name
• Articles of Association, Alternation of Articles
• Membership of Company - Contracts, Deeds, Investments and service of Documents
• Legal provisions relating to holding Companies. Private Companies. Unlimited companies

• Drafting of prospectus
• Registration of Documents
• Commission and-Discount on issue of Capital
• Issue of Shares at a premium or discount -
• Provisions of governing issue of redeemable preference of Share Capital
• Transfer of Share and Debentures
• Rights or Share Holders
• Provisions relating to payment of dividend, Payment of interest out of Capital. Fixed ass

• Provisions relating to debentures
• Registration of charges -
• Inter company borrowings.

4. RECORDS, RETURN ACCOUNT AND MEETING : Register of members and debentures
holders- Annual returns and penalty for failure to submit returns - Meeting Statutory. Annual general and Extraordinary general meeting Quorum. proxies, voting procedure, Kinds of resolutions and recording of minutes - Books o Accounts to be kept and inspection -Appointment auditors - Auditing of Cost Accounts - Investigation powers of the government
MANAGEMENTS: Constitution of Board of Directors - Appointment of Managing Directors -Qualification of Directors - Board Meeting - Powers of the...

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