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In the articles, there are common topics that are featuring in all the articles. The relationship between autism and the MMR vaccine appears in all the articles. Dr. Andrew Wakefield appears to be the driving force behind the concept. In the articles, suggestions by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that there might be an association between autism and MMR vaccine are recurring. Wakefield’s ideas have also been labeled as fraud with intent to commit deliberate fraud. Wakefield’s studies have also been withdrawn and we can see further that he is later denied the right to practice medicine in ...view middle of the document...

In the anatomy of scare article, “an overwhelming majority of the vaccine and autism experts were convinced that parents were putting their children at the risk over a phantom fear, (Begley, 2009). Most of the claims made by scientists and medical practitioners in the articles are targeting the claims of Wakefield rather than coming up with substantiated information on the causes and solid evidence that hiss claims are fraud. In the article Anatomy of scare, we special master George hasting staking his claims by announcing, “every study conducted on Wakefield hypothesis found little or no evidence that MMR vaccination is related to autism.
It is evident from the articles however compelling evidence one had on the effect of the vaccine on their children, the jury were not ready absolve vaccines. Vaccines in use were untested o their safety and effectiveness and yet they were issued by force. Effective vaccines should have a nil tolerance on death and if by chances it arises, it should be kept at bay. It is also in mind that parents believe that vaccines have a negative effect and claim that “vaccines condemned their children to a lifetime of being barricaded behind the impregnable wall of autism. In article, “analysis finds evidence of autism in many vaccine injury cases,” Udesky, (2011) autistic disorder was portrayed in a given number of subjects after exposure to the vaccine where a teenager wears a helmet throughout a day as a precaution measure to prevent injury from seizures. This seemed to be insufficient evidence even after a good number of individuals with sever disorders yet they still held on to their unsubstantiated claims.
In the article, “how the pox epidemic changed the vaccination rules,” the writer talks of forceful vaccination where there was a mass of 250 men who arrived in the middle of the night. The men included the police and the public health individuals. They brutally vaccinated every person they found on their way. Such acts pose a lot of debate as the rights that are claimed to be granted to the people are deprived off. This brutality in offering vaccination as depicted in this article shows the extent to which human rights are undermined. Different rights have been deprived off an individual when they are subjected to these kinds of treatments.
Human rights have been deprived off as shown in the articles. “There were scenes of policemen holding down men in the right robes as the vaccinators began their work on their arms,” (Wilrich, 2011). This portrays the extent to which rights were deprived off as no explanations were mad before the act and that is the reason the issue had a negative impact in the minds of the parents. Wilrich, (2011) also attests that there were points that, “men and women were handcuffed and vaccinated at gunpoint.” Such are the acts that pose a bank of questions such as, “are these notions of the American liberty?” it was so severe that in the excerpt: pox an American history, an Irishman...

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