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Mmpa530 Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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Riordan Problem Solution
Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing
University of Phoenix
Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing
The objective of this paper is to exhibit an organized approach using the 9-step Problem-Solving Approach to provide Riordan Manufacturing with legitimate solutions to challenges presented. In addition, the paper identifies opportunities and issues, defines the problem, and develops a set of alternative solutions. In conclusion, the paper recommends the paramount alternatives to implement in order for Riordan Manufacturing to be the global industry leader in plastics production.
Situation Analysis
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One approach to motivation is identifying what motivates employees to choose certain behaviors. In the case of Riordan, the employees' needs are not being met. The employees do not feel valued and employee retention is an issue at the organization. Maslow recognized that people are motivated simultaneously by several needs, but behavior is mostly motivated by the lowest unsatisfied need at the time. As the person satisfies a lower level need, the next higher need in the hierarchy becomes the primary motivator. This is known as the satisfaction-progression process. Even if a person is unable to satisfy a higher need, he or she will be motivated by it until eventually satisfied (McShane-Von Glinow. 2004).
Maslow's hierarchy of needs assumes people are motivated to satisfy five levels of needs. The five needs are (1) Self-Actualization, (2) Esteem, (3) Belongingness, (4) Safety (5) Physiological (McShane-Von Glinow. 2004). Employees' will move up the hierarchy to satisfy their needs and when satisfied at a level, they no longer motivated by that need. Riordan must start evaluating employee motivation and satisfying employee needs. Then the firm has the means to develop continually and grow into a successful global competitor.
Riordan's management may also concentrate on employee motivation by identifying why employees choose certain behaviors to satisfy their needs. Expectancy Theory of Motivation holds that people are motivated to behave in ways that produce desired combinations of expected outcomes" (Krietner & Kinicki, 2003). Vroom's theory assumes motivation is determined by one's perceived chances of achieving valued outcomes. Vroom's expectancy model of motivation reveals how effort/performance expectancies and performance/outcome instrumentalities influence the degree of effort expended to achieve desired (positively valiant) outcomes (Krietner & Kinicki, 2003). Furthermore, Porter and Lawler's expectancy theory of motivation model of expectancy expanded upon the theory proposed by Vroom. This model specifies (1) the source of people's valences and expectancies and (2) the relationship between performance and satisfaction (Krietner & Kinicki, 2003).
Riordan's managers can apply the basic theories of expectancy by connecting employees' desired outcomes with the organization's desired performance. In addition, Riordan's managers must influence employee behavior with the organization's reward system. Additionally, Riordan's management is failing to give recognition for good employee performance and need to develop an effective coaching and feedback plan. Performance management systems are a process of ensuring that employee' activities and outputs match the organization's goals (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhert & Wright, 2004).
The activities of performance management include specifying the tasks and outcomes of a job that contribute to the organization's success. Then various measures are used to compare the employees' performance over some...

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