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Mlda 21 Essay

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Excessive drinking has become one with the “college experience” for students and in hand has altered many lives. Students who are a part of the college campus drinking culture are at risk to encounter life threatening experiences due to binge drinking. Binge drinking can be defined as one consuming 4/5 drinks at least once in a two week span. After plenty of observations, I would say that this definition is consumer friendly. With that being said, I think it is safe to say that binge drinking is “normal” and is somewhat expected among college students. So I would assume since excessive drinking is so normal that one would also consider the consequences but as some of us know, that this is ...view middle of the document...

With lack of self-control, someone may put themselves in risk of various types of life threatening experiences. Some of the more common examples are driving while drunk, drunk sexual intercourse and assault.
My roommate last year was a heavy drinker and I would even consider him a binge drinker due to the amount of times he would return to our dorm room intoxicated. One night he decided to go out to the bars and he got kicked out for his inability to handle his liquor which caused him to walk home from the bars to FAR through the quad. Campus recommends that students do not walk alone after a certain time of night because of the chance of being assaulted and robbed but since he was drinking he probably didn’t take that into consideration. Unfortunately he was assaulted and robbed that night. When alcohol is consumed excessively, things like this can possibly happen because judgment is impaired. When judgment is impaired due to alcohol, basic motor skills are affected as well as decision making.
When drinkers overly consume alcohol one of the serious consequences is alcohol poisoning, probably the most dangerous consequence of excessive drinking. However, sense people perceive throwing up or passing out as normal causes of drinking too much, they tend to underestimate the seriousness of what might happen if a person is worse than he/she actually appears to be or if one does not know the signs of alcohol poisoning and know what to do in these situations. So often people just help the drunk person to a bed and lay them down, with the mindset that with rest the person will recover; this is true but if the drunk has alcohol poisoning they might not have that time to recover.
Basically alcohol poisoning is an overdose on liquor, usually from binge drinking because drinking affects breathing, gag reflex (which prevents choking), heart rate and body temperature. Excessive drinking can cause these bodily functions to slow down from doing their job and could eventually stop with fatal doses of alcohol.
It is common for people to vomit when people drink a lot but there is also some danger associated as well, for example choking on vomit. The aspiration of vomit can lead to something called asphyxiation because of the inadequate delivery of oxygen to the body due to the vomit blocking airways of a person who is unconscious.
People should also know that even though one has stopped drinking or is passed out, their Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) can continue to increase. With alcohol steady seeping into the bloodstream and circulating in the body including the brain, it is considered dangerous to just lay a buddy down with the assumption that he/she will recover.
Both of those situations can lead to death, which is why as participants in any drinking experience, consumers should know the signs of alcohol poisoning and what to do. Some signs of alcohol poisoning is: a lack of conscious, vomiting, slow/irregular breathing, a drop in body temperature...

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