Mla Vs Apa Essay

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Comparison of MLA & APA

APA = American Psychological Association

Title Page Format

Header: abbreviated title and pg #

Running Head: abbreviated title, all
UPPER CASE, flush left, maximum
50 characters.

Title, Author, and institution all
Centered in middle of page.

First Page Format

Header: continuation throughout

Title: Repeat Title of paper

Essay: Begin essay.

MLA= Modern Language Association

Title Page ...view middle of the document...

U of Vriginia P. 1997. (17 Nov. 1998. .
Smith, John, and Marge Hope. “How Many Dogs Can Fit into A Shower.” Math Today 43 (Jan 1996): 32+

The New Madrid Earthquake Area

Probable Consequences of a Major Quake

Loss of Life

APA = American Psychological Association


Headings &Subheadings: APA has 5 levels of headings (see p. 114 of 5th ed. APA manual for details) but three are generally enough.

Level 1: centered

Level 2: left flush
& italicized

Level 3: centered
& italicized

Headings and
subheadings are
not labeled with
numbers or letters.

Margins: 1 inch on
all sides (more may be
needed on top to allow
for the header.

MLA= Modern Language Association

Works Cited

Books: Last name, First name. Other authors are followed First

Last up to 3, then et al. Book title underlined and uppercase except for prepositions. Place of publication: Publisher, Date

Articles: Last, First and First Last. Article Title in Quotation marks. Journal Title underlined. Number (date): page numbers (+ means article is not on consecutive pages).

On-Line Documents: Last, First “Article Title.” Document Title Date of publication (or last update). Date of Access. .

Miscellaneous Formatting: The first line is not indented, but following lines have a hanging indent of 5 spaces. University and Press are abbreviated as U and P. Yale University Press becomes Yale UP. Everything should be double spaced.


Dilbert, J., Smith, Y.F., James, G., Smith, P., Graham, S.E., Marks, T.S. et al. (1996). The history of sufi dancing. (4th ed). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster.
Roth, G., Beale, J., & Wayne, J. (n.d.) Metaphysical dance. Crystalinks main page. University of Virginia Press. (1998, November 17).
Smith, J. & Hope, M. (1996). How many dogs can fit into a shower. Math Today, 43.3, 32-34, 56.


APA = American Psychological Association


Books: Last name, First initial., up to six, then et al. (date). Book title: Italicized and lower case, except first letter and first letter after colon. (ed.). Place of publication: Publisher.

Articles: Last, Initial. & Last, Initial. (date). Article title. Journal Title, Number, page numbers.

On-Line Documents: Last, Initial. (date of publication-if not know then n.d.) Article title: Secondary title. Document title (not patented name). (date of access: year, month, day).

Miscellaneous Formatting: The first line is not indented, but following lines have a hanging indent of 5 spaces. Everything should be double spaced.

Carlyle’s notion of progress can be defined best by setting it against Christian Providence:
One great step of progress, for example, we should say, in actual circumstances, was this same; the clear...

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